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    Need fog lights for 2016 2500HD

    I live around Indianapolis and now need to drive to Peoria, IL twice a week. I have ran into thick fog twice now where I had to find a hotel as I didn't fill it was safe. It has been about a 70 mile area along Interstate 74 from what truckers say that the white lights make it very hard to...
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    Maikoff E2, E2D/Scout M600 2-3 CR123 Head on a E2D

    I had a Surefire E2D LED DEFENDER that was run over by a Bush Hog, done a number on the head but body looks like it was not touched. I ordered a Maikoff E2, E2D/Scout M600 2-3 CR123 Head. If I honed the E2D body to take a 18650 would the head be ok using the 18650. I hate using the CR123...
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    Sold/Expired SureFire parts

    You have a head that would fit a Surefire E2D
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    SolarForce L2 find?

    I like it is hi/med/low with no strobe. It seems to be good construction so wonder why they closed the doors.
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    SolarForce L2 find?

    Looking in a flea market, wife wanted to, and found a SOLARFORCE L2 flashlight. It had a $2 price tag. Anyone know anything about them? No information on the internet that I can find, just a little larger than the SureFire E2D that went through the bushhog. $248 cheaper than a new E2D and it...
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    Recommend Me a Light to Replace a SUREFIRE E2D LED

    I need to replace my old Surefire E2D ULTRA LED from the 1980's or 1990's. Size: TINY - Every day carry (2-4 inches). Emitter/Light source: LED (known for efficiency, longevity, and compactness) Manufacturer: I want to buy a light from a large/traditional manufacturer that is ready to go...
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    Need new Hunting light

    I have killed over 300 coyote in 5 years. We had the big yellow coyotes here in Indiana then the saddle backs moved in. The last 2 years they will pass on the outside of the fence except the chicken killers. Don't intend on letting them getting started again. I raised Morgan Horses and would...
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    Surefire E2D LED DEFENDER

    I had a working SureFire E2D LED DEFENDER and need to replace it. What would be a good replacement for it? SureFire makes the E2D LED DEFENDER ULTRA with 1,000 lumens, not what I have. I use red or green lights but need the white sometimes.
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    Need new Hunting light

    I have the barrel /body and on/off switch but the head came apart. It is a E2D LED DEFENDER bought by my son while in high school for me. He is 41 now. The coyotes are after my chickens, lost 19 so far.
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    Need new Hunting light

    My old SureFire hunting light gave up lighting my play time. I do a lot of night hunting using red, green, or white light. The white/yellow SureFire needed a battery change before going out Saturday night for coyotes, threds galled making the battery change imposable. I have not followed the...
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    Jesse James Knifemaker?

    It is the standard serial survivel knife with point ground wrong. To me it is unusable even as a boat ancker 🔗 . It is too heavy to work as a knife and looking at it probably not very fast to handle. I DO'T LIKE!!!!
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    Green Hunting Light

    I am in need of a green light for hunting. I want something that lights a hog up at 300 yards using a day scope. I have hogs killing a field at night so need a light to put a stop to it. Am also looking at a red light for some coyotes that are coming around the barns. Don't need them after...

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