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  1. 3_gun

    Need fast help on picking a motorcycle

    Suzuki GS500 is a great in town bike that handles highways just fine & can get about 60 mpg if you can control yourself. Nothing flashy, very much in the style of a "standard" as the were once called & not big enough {999cc+] to take a hit from the insurance costs. Great shape used around here...
  2. 3_gun

    High pitched whine coming from new flashlight

    My now vintage Surefire L1 has done this since I opened the box & put batteries in it 15 years ago
  3. 3_gun

    Selling all lights cheap

    1/2 an hour is much time to make a sale. I doubt a pawn shop will give you $5 a light
  4. 3_gun

    Signaling with a Flashlight from 18 Miles Away

    For me this just points out the need for light management in a SHTF or weather emergency. Big lumen lights are not your friend, a triple A 180L light was seen from 18 miles. Flood lights were easier to spot than throwers. It's a Bat Signal that you don't want to send. Most of my big lumen lights...
  5. 3_gun

    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Just ordered a close out Emisar D18. You can get any color as long as it's black. 18 SST20 4k 95 CRI w/6 flood optics & 12 narrow, should light it up hard to a real world 100yds or better
  6. 3_gun

    For the outdoors: SAK or Multitool?

    Within arms reach I have a Leatherman Wave, Wave+, Surge, Rebar & PST. SAK Cybertool 31, Hercules, a vintage Champ, a couple of Tinkers & a few others that I don't remember names for right now. So yes they're useful for whatever you're needing to do [ forgot my LM Charge Ti ]
  7. 3_gun

    Sunwayman Tomahawk C20C Stolen

    Acebeam E70 21700 or the E70 mini 18650 are both very much flood pattern lights, I have both I'd check this out: I have 6 of these lights set up for max throw w/W2 LED, max brightness w/SBT90.2 & general purpose...
  8. 3_gun

    Sunwayman Tomahawk C20C Stolen

    This list would be so long as to be pointless in making it. I own at least 30 18650 lights that meet this request that range from $12w/battery Sofirn up to just under $100 for a tricked out Hank light. I even have 21700 lights that are as small as the C20 [guessing]+ has a moonlight level & a...
  9. 3_gun

    Any bright flood EDC lights?

    I have a couple I like, a D4v2 with [email protected] w/flood optics, boost driver & high CRI is a great 18650 based EDC that has the punch to 25yds or so. An Acebeam E70 mini is another 18650 light w/good punch, CRI & flood. I can 2nd the TS10 as a good EDC in a smaller package. The one I seem to...
  10. 3_gun

    may be off on one crazy adventure

    Give it another month or 2 & all of Mexico may be here in the U.S. at the rate they are crossing the boarder. You could not pay me enough to cross that boarder much less stay for any length of time. I'd rather go to Detroit .. but that's just me. Hope you have safe travels & find your dream...
  11. 3_gun

    Stuck crankset

    On two sided rotational things one side is often reverse threaded or pinned. Not sure if that could be an issue here
  12. 3_gun

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Hit 2 estate sales today, scored well at one + not bad at the other. The not bad; Bose Wave in good shape, working like new for $20. Well was an IBM Thinkpad quad core i5, Win10, good battery, 2 small Imperial pocket knives, 2 Bausch & Lomb 4x magnifying glasses, 18 Duraleaks AA batteries dated...
  13. 3_gun

    there are some Jokes

    A gallon is a volume not a weight. Ex: 1 gal of water = 8.3lbs while 1gal of gasoline = 6lbs. Spock would never make that error, it's illogical to confuse volume for weight. Ounce on the other hand can be either. Laugh long & prosper So who's the nerd?
  14. 3_gun


    I use diffuses on a few Sofirn lights mostly tho they will fit other lights I have around. Sp36, If25, Sc31. Olight Sr2 Baton2, etc. All are white & usually used as "work" lights when I need broad, soft light in a smaller area
  15. 3_gun

    Prometheans Sign Up Thread

    Random number generator spit out 620330, seems random enough. Thx
  16. 3_gun

    Looking for a new primary EDC light

    Sofirn has 3 small inexpensive lights that may work for you. I have the SC21 & SP10v3 both are great EDC lights + I just ordered 5 of the SC02; so my $$ is where my mouth is on these...
  17. 3_gun

    Fenix PD25r or E28r

    Buy both & give me the one you don't like. If it was my $$ I'd lean into the 28r
  18. 3_gun

    Eneloop Purchasing

    I pick this up [complete] at an estate sale for $7 ...
  19. 3_gun

    New Sodium-Ion battery, potentially threats to Li-ion batteries?

    I doubt the Li-ion batteries would just go away [any time soon] but if cost/performance/cycles are good enough would it be a bad thing if they did? It would really be a major blow to the CCP plans to corner the market on rechargeable battery tech/material
  20. 3_gun

    orange coating on silver dollar

    There is no collector or numismatists that would care about this coin as there is no way to know the numbers made, weather it was made for X many years or how many "mints" made coins. It's only value is its 1 troy oz weight + .999% purity, if either are really true

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