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    Sold/Expired Cryos M2 Cooling Bezel

    Ok forgive me for my igonrance here. I have an M2 bezel. I am using a Malkoff M61 dropin. I put the plastic ring ontop of the dropin? and there is no "lip" inside the bezel like on Surefire bezels that the fron of the dropin rests on? it is basically pressing against the glass? That doesnt seem...
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    Sold/Expired WTB 2x18650 surefire body

    The only 2x18650 body I can think of is the M series one . Do you mean a body that is Surefire compatible? There is also the Fivemega bodies sold by Wonderlite that dont need an adapter but they are only available in glossy black :(
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    Try a new battery and clean the threads and contact points with something , tv tuner spray or rubbing alcohol or something. when my Fenix wont go to high its because the battery is just about dead
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    New lights by Streamlight: Super Tac X and TRL-1 HP are amazing!

    If i rememeber right, the Supertac had a possible "flaw in construction"? the head would seperate from the body and not be repairable?
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    The ABTOMAT Police Flashlight Collection

    Yoou know whats amazing to me All the stuff like SS bezels,bodies that can be adjusted to different numbers of cells,pocket clips and crenellated bezel rings? Its all stuff we on CPF look at as new and cool and innovative but its all been done before!!!! Some of those lights looks like modern...
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    New Surefire question. Frustrated.

    I was just about to post in the Malkoff thread about the M61 dropins D337944. I have had the same problem with every Malkoff M61 version to pass thru my hands. Scratches on the reflector that to me suggest someone at some point is actually wiping the reflectors with something like a rag . also...
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    Surefire 9P + 2 x Eneloops + M61WLL (Yes, I already searched!)

    Its amazing to me that such a small difference in voltage on the Malkoffs can make that much of a difference . I wonder why that is? I read that they stay in regulation down to 3.4volts? but I see a difference at 4.8 or 1x18650 at 4.20 off the charger.
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    Surefire 9P + 2 x Eneloops + M61WLL (Yes, I already searched!)

    You get noticeably less output on an M61 with AA batteries though. Just dont want anyone to be disappointed and think you are getting full output on 2 AA baterries. That goes for the LL version also. There is to my eye a 30-40% decrease in output . Even on 4 AAs it seems just a bit less brite...
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    Sold/Expired FS: 1.00" O.D. Stainless and Titanium Bezels

    and RPM is a great guy too!!! I got addicted to these things back in the Novatac/HDS days . They are top quality and really look cool on the aforementioned lights.I was actually contemplating getting a Novatac (old model) last week and trying a couple more of these but I didnt think they were...
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    2 Pet Peeves, anyone concur?

    Haha. Just bustin' on yah!!! I know what you are talking about and I myself actually take care not to let my batts go flying down the tube even if i do have a spring down there. I actually only have lights with positive springs in them now and it solves the flattop battery problems and I know...
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    2 Pet Peeves, anyone concur?

    Dont forget how many times does the toilet seat get slammed down? how long before it cracks? how many times does the car door get slammed shut? how long before something breaks in it? how many times do I drop the TV remote on the floor? How many before it breaks? how many times can I run in my...
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    Are current Led lights considered pretty durable?

    Yeah but holding a flashlight in one hand and a shotgun or AR-15 in the other hand is kinda cowboy isnt it? I can understand if you are using a handgun but dont most SWAT type assaults on buildings and such utilize some foorm of 2 handed weapon for most of the team? I would go with the Malkoff...
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    Strange East German Artas Torch, Five cell

    Its an early version of the many multi cell compatible lights of modern times. Thats cool. Leave it to the Germans once again to be ahead of their time
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    Novatac 120E color confusion

    I dont think those models are made anymore. That looks like the first ones which were a nice HA color and still made to a high standard of quality and they ran about $100 if I remember. I had one or two and wish I had kept them now I think Novatac was sold or something and then they came out...
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    Keyring/pocket light with Swiss Army Knife

    hey Sparlite, where did ya get that cool copper looking Rook lanyard thing?
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Thanx RunJc!! I got excited there for a minute!!! Hey, can you quickly say if a Surefire Z41 type tailcap will fit on an Elzetta body since you have things right there? I dont think I have ever read about that end of the light and compatibility
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    wait a minute. Run4jc, are you saying the Elzetta is compatible with e series SF heads and C series SF heads with an adapter? I would take Scouts post 1 step further , I find the aesthetic qualities of something to be higher when the designer puts function before form. To me the more purpose...
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    Lights with twisty switches

    Solarforce makes a copy of the Surefire Z41
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    I dont think Elzetta had intentions of making a universally compatible host like a Solarforce P60 light for poeple who like to Lego. Its more of a mission specific light with the top priority being durability/reliability not compatibility. I agree it would be nice to have 18mm ability though...
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    Please comment: Quark Mini AA "PWM"

    I dont think the noise you are hearing is PWM. I believe it is called conductor whine. You can get micro vibrations which can produce a high pitched whine which many times only the younger can hear