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    Light with separate Power and Function controls

    The Fenix LD12 has separate power and function buttons. I carry one and like it. It uses AA or 14500 batteries.
  2. J

    Recommendation for Affordable LED Emergency Lantern

    If you have a power bank or two, this is a good option. Decent amount of light that will last for a long time. You can drape the cord over a ceiling fan to light an entire room. Jump Start
  3. J

    White top duracell

    I bought Duracell white top AAs from With specials and a Duracell money off offer, the price was 8.99 and 9.99 for a four pack with free shipping. I was quite pleased with the price and now get email offers of 15 to 20 % off specials which really helps. Jump Start
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    Charging 18650 and 14500 batteries

    I use and enjoy a Maha9000 charger. I like the various features for exercising and refreshing my NiMh batteries. My question is this: Can I do the same for my 18650 and 14500 batteries with an appropriate charger? As it is I charge my Li-ion batteries and use them. Can I “exercise” them or is...
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    tool to polish inside of maglite damaged from battery leak?

    Back in the days of drum brakes on cars, there was a tool that attached to a drill and honed the insides of wheel cylinders. It was spring loaded and had three sanding arms that were forced out by the action of the springs. Check at an auto parts store, they may still make them. That would be...
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    Acting Predictably

    I like flashlights. I use a flashlight every day. I started my journey into flashlights as most here did. I bought a 1 AA light from DX, and was happy with it. Until it failed me when I really needed it. Then I graduated to Fenix, and have been happy with my L1T V2.0. But now, I NEED a 4...
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    October 2010: Lights you bought this month!

    A 4 Sevens Quark AA Tactical and an AW 14500. I've wanted to try 14500 batteries and the Fenix that I carry does not do 14500. Well, not for long! :poof: Jump Start
  8. J

    Ceiling Bouncing

    I put the light in a coffee cup. Works pretty good.
  9. J

    Ceiling Bouncing

    My bedside reading lamp broke. I was rather excited as I got to use my Fenix TK11 to ceiling bounce to read by. Boy, does it work great! I live on the Ms. Gulf coast and Hurricanes are a constant problem, what with the power outages. I stock LED Lanterns, but I'm becoming a fan of flashlight...
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    Replacing batteries in charger while charging

    Thanks for the quick reply. You guys are the Google of all things flashy!:twothumbs Jump Start
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    Replacing batteries in charger while charging

    I use a LaCrosse BC 900 charger. Is it possible or advisable to remove any batteries which have finished charging and replace them with batteries needing a charge? Example: charging 4 batteries; two indicate full. Can I remove them and put in 2 other batteries to charge? Thanks.
  12. J

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Used my Fenix L1T V2.0 as I do every day, working in the dark recesses of a survey boat.
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    Does your EDC light follow you on short trips away?

    I carry my Fenix L1T every day. I travel overseas extensively and the Fenix is always in my pocket. I do not place it in my luggage; it passes through security with me without any problems. It's not the brightest, but it always works! Where I travel the lights go out a lot, so always having a...
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    What's your favorite or most used brand?

    I EDC a Fenix. For me a flashlight is a tool I use many times every day. A simple light is preferable to one that has many modes. Fenix has never let me down. It might not be the fanciest or the brightest but it always works! Jump Start
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    What's your EDC(s) and your uses for it?

    1. Everyday Carry: Fenix L1P. Not the brightest but it ALWAYS works, which is very important to me. Fits in my pocket, so it's always there. 2. Electronics Technician 3. Installing Hydrographic equipment on small survey boats. Always dark behind the equipment racks. I must have a flashlight; I...