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    Sold/Expired FS - RCR123 custom bodies for Raw ORB - SOLD

    I decided to make myself a CR123 body to expand the run time of my raw. While I was at it, I made a few extras - which I am willing to sell here on CPF. These are hand made and in very good cosmetic condition - however they do have a few machining imperfections and are not absolutely perfect by...
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    Hope Vision HID

    Now this is my idea of a fabulous design. Hope is a high end MTB disc brake manufacturer.
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    internal threading tool - need recommendation

    I need a recommendation for a 3/8" internal threading tool holder and indexable inserts. Must be reasonable cost, and able to work in a small area ~3/4" (where you can see what you are doing). Thanks
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    Sold/Expired FS - 5 Watt Fire~Fly WX1T Bin, BB nexgen

    FS - 5 Watt Fire~Fly WX1T Bin, BB nexgen _Withdrawn I am selling my beloved Firefly to pay for some lathe accessories. This is a custom firefly II with BB Nexgen 750ma / 5 watt WX1T emitter Sandwich. This is a fully regulated 5 Watt light - that is not much larger than a AA battery. Run time...
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    Recently, my 6 year old daughter (1st Grade) came home talking about evolution. And after discussing with her what she had learned, I was appauled to find that they (my community public school educators) are still presenting evolution as scientific fact. I did some internet research and found...
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    Death~Ray - 5 Watt LED Mountain Bike Light

    My latest Project: Death~Ray - 5 Watt LED Mountain Bike Light Description: The Death~Ray is a self contained bike light designed to provide night-time illumination of rocky singletrack - at speeds up to 20MPH. It shall clearly illuminate the trail path up to 20 feet ahead. Built in...
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    Fire~Fly Thread dimensions

    Can anyone provide me with the thread dimensions of the fire~fly head?
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    Luxeon Bike Light - BLT Light Systems Enduroray

    Enduroray Rather interesting Side emitting configuration with intriguingly named Reflector and Lens Technology. My opinion, a lot of power for a small package - sucker must get rather hot.
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    Light and Motion VEGA - Luxeon LED bike light

    Well this is the first production Luxeon LED Bike light I have seen from a main stream Bike light manufacturer. I must admit that I am dissapointed that they didn't us a 5 Watt Luxeon. The 3W doesn't quite do it. web page It could be argued that a 3 Watt Luxeon is not equivalent to a 10...
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    New Luxeon bike lights
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    I Smoked my L4

    Last week, While testing the total current draw of my L4 (Remove tail cap --- "-" lead to case, "+" lead to negative terminal of battery), the current reading initially held stable at approximately 1.37A - then very quickly, it began to rise. The last reading I remember was 6.01A. I assumed...
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    Snake Eyes - Concept light to incorporate multiple Lux III's into small form factor. The main objective was to create a super-bright light with extra flood for a wide area lighing beam pattern - application -- mountain biking. Specs - LED - 2 X Lux III Current limiting resistor 1 Ohm / 2...
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    Why the limited use of the CPF auction site?

    I am interested to know what the general attitude is related to the CPF auction, versus the BST Lights, ect. I find that If I am not on the forum every second of every day - like some of you apparently are, I miss out on the unique and specialized items. Why not auction? the seller would...
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    low cost screw in halogen pool light bulb?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for an inexpensive replacement for a screw in type, 100W/120V halogen buld - used in a Pentaire pool light fixture? I am guessing that I can find a better deal than $30.00 somewhere.
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    low cost screw in halogen pool light bulb?

    UBB15-ML-522011-ML- Moved to the Non-Flashlight General Light Discussion forum - Empath
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    Problem with L4/ Pila combination

    I have been using my Surefire L4 with 3.7 volt batteries for about a month now. I use the once or twice a week as a supplemental headlamp when bike riding at night. The ride is longer than 50 minutes, so I carry a spare Pila battery to change out when the L4 starts to flicker. I have completed...
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    Introducing the nanoBurner 5.0

    Since much of my knowledge related to Luxeon lighting has come from the CPF, I felt that I should share my creation with the CPF Members. I have created this light due to the fact that nothing like it currently exists on the market. I was tired of the old yellow Halogen and the overly Blue HID...