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    Power Supply Output Voltage Error

    Hello, folks I bought a LED driver: input: AC100-240V Output: DC30-57v / 600mA (constant) I connected it to a led strip, they flashed several times then switched off (i suspect they died, so i check the LED Driver Failure Detection Analysis), then took the multimeter and measured the Output...
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    What happened to my 3-wire phase dimming?

    Hi, all I’m designing some LED lighting based on TOP LED Functions Analysis and noticed that the manufacturer, who used to provide a 3-wire phase dimming driver as an option, no longer does. They said that the driver is no longer available from Lutron, and the suggestion was to use 2-wire phase...
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    LED Drivers IC: Sink current using PCA9685?

    Hi, all I'm using a PCA9685 with a pinout board like Adafruit's. I'm trying to run a bunch of LEDs at 20 mA, and the chip is supposed to be able to source 10 mA and sink 25 mA. I understand that to have it Source, connect the LED between the PWM and GND pins and sink it between V+ and PWM. I've...
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    Choose 2700K (SST20 / LH351D / E21A / XPL-HI)?

    I have some nice ligths with 4000K hi CRI, but since I tried Wurkkos FC11 2700K LH351D I am ready for another 2700K. My next light will be D4V2 and it has 3 options: SST20 E21A XPL-HI T6 8B (2850K) I don't like greenish or bluish lights. Basically I want to know is there noticeable difference...
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    A Newbie from Hong Kong

    Hi, all :naughty: I'm Masonchen, a electronic engineer from Hong Kong. In my free time, I will take a video for my life, because I think you need love life, so the like will love you back. I believe work hard, you will get free for most things...;)

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