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    Need help, still stuck!

    Hi Newbie question: is there such a thing as a linear driver for a 2 cell/8.4v set up. I don’t see one offered by Mt. Electronics, so I turned to looking at these 2 different buck drivers instead and would like to know if either will work for some upcoming mods. Also, if anyone is using or has...
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    3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

    I hope some one can educate me. I’m really trying to grasp the whole emitter, driver, battery combination thing but don’t quite get it yet. I want to work on these three flashlights but need some expert direction for drivers. I think I prefer a regulated type driver. Is it possible to use the...
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    Dazed and confused

    I am a newbie personified! Please be patient. I have a 2c Mag bored to accept 26mm cells. I really like the size and ergonomics of the 2c and therefore have no interest in using 65mm cells. I haven’t decided on the front end yet. I’m either going to use a drop in such as an Adventure Sport...

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