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  1. parang

    Show your favorite beamshots!

    The first beamshot of the collection. It's a bit crowded, but still discernible.
  2. parang

    NiMh Stocktake!

    It took me a week to assemble, analyze and recharge everything. 370 nominal Amps.
  3. parang

    My latest arrivals

    The Armytek 2A Prime is a bike and EDC light. The 2D and 3C Maglites with only 170 lumens and good run times are great throwers. Other throwers might be better, but not for 18 hours like these. They can also do candle mode which I find a great feature. Running them on NiMhs. Very happy!
  4. parang

    21700 based flooder, 2000lm and above, in NW?

    I would like something without a hotspot, just a wide, flat flood. Neutral white - double duty for videography. Tall call? Thanks much. PS, I am in Europe, so widely available brands would be the most useful. A good example of the beam I like would be the Fenix FD65.
  5. parang

    Hi from Hungary!

    This is that time of the year when its so dark, wet and cold, I have trouble navigating my small homestead... so I have questions to ask (and in time maybe answer) IOW, I am a rookie. Hi everyone!

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