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  1. LogicalBeard

    Lux-RC pocket clip

    My FL-33 flashlight is in desperate need off a pocket clip. I would be very grateful if anyone would sell me their pocket clip. Thanks.
  2. LogicalBeard

    Aeon mkiii version one with the 219b emitter

    Hi, I’m looking for an Aeon mkiii version one with the 219b emitter if anyone is willing to part with one.
  3. LogicalBeard

    219c triple max lumens output

    Can anyone help? I have a 219c hi CRI 4200k triple emitter on a Minion flashlight with the 371d version 2 lux-RC engine. It looks like the highest mode uses 17 watts. I am using a Keeppower 1200mAh 18350. What would be the max lumens and the formula to figure that out?
  4. LogicalBeard

    Rest in peace, Woods Walker

    Just seeing this. RIP
  5. LogicalBeard

    219b vs 219c

    Hey, thanks again. I hear the word efficiency and I never knew what that really translated to. I thought less efficient usually meant a higher forward voltage and thus used more current but I wasn’t sure what that changed for runtimes or brightness. I appreciate you explaining that.
  6. LogicalBeard

    219b vs 219c

    Thanks. So same brightness but less runtimes?
  7. LogicalBeard

    219b vs 219c

    In a current regulated light, such as the Aeon Mk III S2, that has a 219c emitter, what would happen if I swapped it out for a 219b? Would it be dimmer but keep the same runtimes? How much dimmer? 20%? Would high mode (160 lumens) be the only mode affected? I realize the algorithmically way our...
  8. LogicalBeard

    Sold/Expired Closed: Spring Cleaning MBI-HFR, Surefires, Malkoff, HDS, etc Ongoing

    Re: Spring Cleaning MBI-HFR, Surefires, Malkoff, HDS, etc Ongoing I hope you feel better soon.
  9. LogicalBeard

    mini ml-x emitter swap wanted

    Is there anybody out there willing to switch my brass Mini Ml-X foursevens emitter for a 4000k 219b? Vinh switched it to a XML2 U2 5000K a while back. It is one of my favorite lights but I never carry it anymore due to the tint. Phillip
  10. LogicalBeard

    Muyshondt Mk III S2

    I'd say you got off cheap then. I've debated on picking up a Maratac or an Eagletac D25A in the past; But, alas, the Aeon seems like a better fit for my preferences. Maybe one day.
  11. LogicalBeard

    Muyshondt Mk III S2

    Nice pictures and comparison shots. On the medium mode my first reaction was that I would like a fourth mode. Keep the medium the same output but add a 70ish lumen mode for 1, 15, 70, 160. Then of course you have the drawback of clicking through an extra mode and I suppose I wouldn’t really...
  12. LogicalBeard

    Picking one light only

    I would want something that is small enough to carry all the time, high cri, moonlight mode, and at least 100 lumens for general use/extended travels. But if it is for “bugging out” purposes that would depend on the crisis/context. I would want to haul my Manker MK35 around in a bag or on my...
  13. LogicalBeard

    Muyshondt Mk III S2

    For anyone who has one of these, if it isn't your edc, I'm curious about what is and why it works better for your carry philosophy and practical use.
  14. LogicalBeard

    Muyshondt Mk III S2

    And I don't have a Maratac or I would do a comparison for you. I will say the beam is more of a spot my previous EDC's such as the foursevens mini ml-x. Which I wouldn't think I would have preferred but I do.
  15. LogicalBeard

    Muyshondt Mk III S2

    Something like the "superex 6 pcs of 3v 400mah cr2 battery" will work. It doesn't have to be protected but I would want protected. The one thing you have to look for is the lifepo4 chemistry with a nominal 3 volt rating; which actually comes off the charger at something like 3.6/7 Honestly...
  16. LogicalBeard

    EDC-able, CR123, High CRI, Neutral White, decent distance

    Have you checked out the Eagtac D25C or D25A? The later is Nick Shabazz's favorite EDC.
  17. LogicalBeard

    Any ideas about the Muyshondt Beagle?

    I suppose at the end of day, he doesn't feel like there is a sufficient need to justify the hassle of adding in the option to program mode memory, turbo mode, or providing a forward clicky to switch out the tail cap like one of my foursevens lights did. Maybe he thinks just giving people the...
  18. LogicalBeard

    Sold/Expired SOLD: HDS Rotary 219C 4000K

    Re: For Sale: HDS Rotary 219C 4000K I got the light Saturday night! It is in great condition and greatscoot even threw in a rcr123 with it as a surprise. Great seller.
  19. LogicalBeard

    Any ideas about the Muyshondt Beagle?

    While I prefer the no mode memory and the reverse clicky, I'm with you on the programing. If I understand his position correctly, he thinks a user shouldn't have to worry about programing the levels. But this doesn't make sense to me because if they don't want to mess with them, they would't...
  20. LogicalBeard

    Sold/Expired SOLD: HDS Rotary 219C 4000K

    Re: For Sale: HDS Rotary 219C 4000K I'll take it.