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  1. stamat

    What is the current firmware of the Lacrosse BC-900 and Maha C9000??

    I just got one from Thomas Distributing and it is 0G0KA. Is there an easy way to see if firmware is new enough?
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    For presentations 635nm 1mW or 5mW

    This is my first post in the laser forum. Hello everyone. I present quite frequently and need a new laser pointer. My old pointer (now gone) was a little dim when used in a big hall with powerful projector. I have my heart set on the red-orange AtlasNova 635nm lasers. The question is: Is the...
  3. stamat

    LED+Incandescent = Excellent color rendition (TwinTask)

    Thanks, Icebreak! After reading your post I realized I could actually measure things myself: Incandescent Bulb: 600mA LEDs: 165 to 170 mA Estimated battery voltage of 3 AA batteries: 4V (very approximate) Bulb total length: 20mm Pins length: 9mm (approximate) Bulb diameter: 4mm (approximate)...
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    LED+Incandescent = Excellent color rendition (TwinTask)

    I have always liked the good color rendition of incandescent bulbs, but they tend to become a bit yellow towards the end of (alkaline) battery life. Today I borrowed a StreamLight twin Task 3AA from a colleague and bridged the switch so that both the LED and xenon would light up at the same...
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    L2D-CE flashes when switched on

    I have to disagree. The pre-flash is there in the low power mode of my L2D, regardless of how many turns. When my eyes are dark adjusted it is blinding. I turn the flashlight to see something and for a moment my ability to see gets worse instead of better. :thumbsdow I greatly prefer my...
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    Fenix L2D/L1D Rebel 100 mini review

    Thanks, I think I'll wait for L1T v2.1 to come out with Rebel 100 and no pre-flash. I find the flash when turning on of my L2D a little bit annoying.
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    Highest Voltage NiMH AA under low load

    Thanks, LuxLuthor. From that Thread it seems the Eneloops are the way to go. The discharge curve is quite flat and they show nearly 1.5 volt off the charger. Now I see why they come with a sticker "ideal for MP3 players". I thought it was only a marketing gimmick.
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    Highest Voltage NiMH AA under low load

    I have this great Mp3 player that takes one alkaline/ NiMH AA battery. Quite convenient as I can always bring an extra battery (I dislike built-in batteries). By the way this MP3 player hobby goes pretty nicely with evening walks and a flashlight hobby :grin2: Anyways I noticed that sound...
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    So, whats new in the LED world?

    Warm white LEDs have made significant improvements as well (seem to be now where Lux I was when it appeared). Most people here are mainly concerned with the ultimate lumen number they can squueze out though :)
  10. stamat

    Smoother spectrum LED flashlihgts

    I see that Warm White LEDs are starting to make progress in the efficiency department. "Seoul Semiconductor Unveils Warm White Acriche of 42 lm/W" Anybody knows of plans for a smoother spectrum flashlight sporting one of those Warm...
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    Fenix L2D CE

    Question about window opening diameter - difference between L2D and L2T. I have a L1T with a diffuser disk finely machined to match the bezel opening. It fits nicely in front the glass held with clear tape. From what I hear the L2D has a wider head. Is the window opening diameter also larger...
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    Extreme cold flashlights

    Wonder what flashlights they use at polar expeditions. I guess metal body flashlights are impractical since they tend to stick to bare hands. In his book Alone Evelyn Byrd describes it this way Cold does ***** things. At 50 degrees below zero a flashlight dies out in your hand. At -55...
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    Batteries and the Cold?

    I have noticed the same - both with my cell phone and my RayOvac hybrid NiMh. I was quite disappointed with the NiMh. Seems/feels as if capacity is about 70% at 30 F and 650mAh load. I wonder where the energy goes. I suppose it is used to warm up the battery. Curious what do the polar...
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    Happy New Year 2007

    Happy New Year to the most tolerant, friendly (and fun) online community I have encountered so far. Happy New Year guys! :twothumbs
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    Toshiba’s new rechargeable lithium-ion battery recharges in one minute

    I believe the article is from April- May 2005 The promissed ship date was 2006, but there was no further news after that. The article showed a 600 mAh prototype. That would be close to 30 Amps pumped into 6.2 x 3.5 x 0.4cm. The volume must be a little more than an AA battery but still tiny...
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    Appology to the hunters here Sorry guys. Had no intention to start a controversial thread. As suggested I should: - Stay away from bigger parks during the hunting season. - Carry a flashlifght and an orange vest. - Carry an extra bright flashlight in full moon. After some thinking I would...
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    Older Chargers and new NiMH cells /2700mAh, Eneloop, RayoVac Hybrid/

    How to Run Batteries below 1.0 V :) Thanks, SilverFox When taking a walk in the woods my vision seems to adapt pretty well to slow light changes. It could be hard to pinpoint the moment when the light *Starts* to dim, especially if your attention is focused elsewhere :) I have a diffuser on...