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    LedMuseum : Ten Years ?

    Looks like Craig is celebrating Ten Years of the LedMuseum. Craig, could you tell us how it started, and tell us about major events / milestones of the LedMuseum? How much traffic does your site get? Congratulations on keeping a useful site on the web for ten years.
  2. watt4

    my lithium battery incident

    Batteries have been in the light over a year (seldom used light). had played with it a couple weeks ago, and it seemed normal. last night, took it outside for unloading the car. right away, I noticed the light was no brighter than an old-fashioned 2D incan. within two minutes, it was so...
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    shuttle batteries

    energizer + NASA = a nice advertising opportunity ""NASA had replaced all alkaline batteries on the shuttle with lithium batteries. All the standard-sized alkaline batteries were replaced with the Energizer product."" battery story
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    what lights are in the pics? (military)

    what lights are in the pics? (personal lights, not on the vehicles) #1... from #2... from
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    fireworks flashlights?

    I think the board could use a fun thread today. what lights are you taking to the fireworks display? I plan on taking.... 1) my new combo led/incan: 2x123, foresight brand, biglots purchased, $5 2) uke 2L, bright and light 3) a new-to-me xnova
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    clock value?

    anyone seen a clock like this? know what it might be worth? supposedly made in Italy.
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    USB and flashlights

    what USB-powered or USB-rechargeable choices are out there? I found a link to a USB-powered battery charger , and another site that went into some detail about battery charging by USB. is someone making a USB charged flashlight? might be nice to have at work, or travelling. if you could...
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    led light set from target

    did a shelf check at Target, and got drawn in by the led package shown. hard to resist. and the compass works! the 2C light and the 1AAA lights are not bright, but I am hoping thay make up for that with runtime. I am starting to like 2C size lights another pic another another...
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    led light set from target

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    sportsmansguide variable cell light

    saw this on sportsmansguide website , and it looked interesting. a modder might like the flexibility. ""12V Xenon bulb.....the 3 segments each have a CR123A battery (included). So length can vary from 5 3/16" to 6 1/2" to 7 7/8" and brightness varies on having 2, 3 or 4 batteries.....""
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    in-flashlight storage: uses?

    I bought this rayovac flashlight at "big lots", for the novelty factor. it uses 4xAA batteries, but is the size of a 2xD light. why? because there is a storage chamber in the rear half! the storage space will hold: the multitool as originally intended, OR 4 x AA batts (extra batts!)...
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    Nature's Flashlight

    Nature\'s Flashlight The story subject line caught my attention. Thought folks might be interested.