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    Sold/Expired FINISHED (after shipping) Min-T CNC Bike Light

    Man - i have'nt been here for ages - good to see the light still going Gunnar - the LEDs must be a bit crusty by now:) The pockets can only fit Seouls or Cree's. Hey Darell -how do mate? Cheers Dom
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    Sold/Expired For Sale : Macs EDC SST50 Ti

    I have an Al one and haven't used this - mint cond. Ti, Warm, 2800 3 level, clip. $340 Delivered. I'll post a pic soon. Cheers Dom
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    Posting Flickr Images

    Flickr have reorganized their site and i was having trouble making an image show up -so just testing here. EDIT: That was easy :-) Dont press the Insert Image icon - use the Insert Link icon in conjunction with Flickrs Share This and Grab the HTML/BBCode . Just have the HTML (not...
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    ATEX torch conversion

    Welcome to CPF Biffa I don't know the answer to your question but do a search will bring up some good threads. Type in :- firefighter recommended lights For example In the search box above -click the CPF only box as well - to narrow your hits. EDIT: On re-reading your post ,you want to just...
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    Help upgrade my UK Super Q

    Hold the LED at about 45deg angle by the metal ring with some pointy nose pliers. Don't touch the glass dome as these can sometimes fall off easily. Use a small blowtorch to gently heat the base of the star in the middle -the LED should slip off. You may have to shake it to help it come off...
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    Sold/Expired ██ SCAM ██ 15 watt Ostar LED bicycle light ██ SCAM ██

    Re: 15 watt Ostar LED bicycle light. In stock! ENDED! The pic from the website that DM51 linked to (with the Shimano bike) was the exact same one used in Arc's bike forum thread i saw last week(pics now removed). You really shot yourself in the foot Arc ,sad to say. Maybe change your location...
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    Help upgrade my UK Super Q

    Don't have to disagree with me - just tell the OP, as he was the one mentioning a driver upgrade. No need for TOO much extra current,i agree. The OP should see how he likes the better LED before deciding if he wants a new driver. Cheers Dom
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    I have a problem with alcohol...please help

    Good stuff BiB - that's the spirit :-) Can't help you with the social side as i'm pretty much a recluse myself - used drink to socialize but of course that doesn't work. I'm pretty happy with my own company though - everyone is different. Give yourself a chance and you'll see soon enough what...
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    Help upgrade my UK Super Q

    Hi Mate You are right. Extra bonus for the OP if he does use another driver to boost the current a little. Then he could have the same amount of heat as original and much brighter :-) Cheers Dom
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    Help upgrade my UK Super Q

    Cutter (AU) DealExtreme (China) though you'd have to sweat the emitter off the star. Not sure of anyone else who sells them. Cheers Dom
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    I have a problem with alcohol...please help

    Hi Bud What sort of drinking habit do you have? Stay up all night drinking by yourself? Drink at work or before you go to work? Drink till you drop or black out? If any of these are familiar then there ain't any moderation that can be recommended - sorry. (this is from a person with years of...
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    Help upgrade my UK Super Q

    That looks like an XR-E P4 Best upgrade would be an XR-E R2 as that will work the same with your optic,but brighter. Same amount of heat as the original LED. but more efficient. Cheers Dom
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    Sold/Expired WTB: (FOUND) one of the original .55 FLuPIC V2.2 with DD burst

    Re: WTB: one of the original .55 FLuPIC V2.2 with DD burst Hi Drew These are the older ones -think i sold some to DZ awhile ago. I bought a bunch from Goldserves going away sale years ago,but he never made clear what Amps they put out but DZ would know if anyone :-) EDIT: I just checked...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: (FOUND) one of the original .55 FLuPIC V2.2 with DD burst

    Re: WTB: one of the original .55 FLuPIC V2.2 with DD burst Hi Mettee I think they are 1.2A. $20 delivered Cheers Dom
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    SST-50 EDC 4th Run now *All Shipped*

    Hi mate I just received my 2800 Ti - you def need a IMR cell as i can't tell the diff between the 1400 Al when running them both off normal RCRs. I'll have to get some IMRs myself. Hi Trib Mac will contact you with details for payment when he PM's you with notification of placement on the...
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    5mm LED battery drainer

    It's not so much draining the battery but the light you get from it.(handy nightlight or for other purpose) Cheers Dom
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    SST-50 EDC 4th Run now *All Shipped*

    Re: SST-50 EDC 4th Run now *Closed* Hi Trib Al is better for heat. Ti will last forever. Not such an issue with these handheld torches as heat is drawn away by your hand. They should be water resistant as everything is o-ringed. If you are totally new to high powered LEDs then you would...
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    SST-50 EDC 4th Run now *All Shipped*

    Re: SST-50 EDC 4th Run now *Closed* :welcome: You are now on it Trib People are put on the list in order of when they have expressed interest. Mac will send you a PM when his new batch starts. You'll have a few days to respond before your place is given to the next in line. edit ( alot of...
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    Anyone done custom work with LedLenser optics?

    Hi Admacdo Haven't heard of anyone using LL lenses on a custom job -sounds like a good idea. Though some of the DX small aspherics,or their aspheric torches do a pretty good job for cheap. Didn't know you could buy the LL lenses! Cheers Dom
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    What's the best UV light for Norland, and how long a shelf life does Norland have?

    Hi Dan Depending on the ambient temp and thickness of the Norland it cures fully within minutes. Will surface harden almost instantly. I usually just leave it shining on whatever i'm curing for at least 3mins - just to make sure. Hi Pugga The Nailbender 365 unit should be top-notch. Here's a...