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    2xAAA to Lithium replacement (side-by-side)

    I have a couple of devices that have AAA batteries in side-by-side (where both + and - are on top). Uses one of those dinky steel battery connectors on the bottom. Are there any lipo or similar setups where I could grind out some plastic and drop in a pouch battery? I could use a pair of LiIon...
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    Tritium reflector pmma

    Good morning I'm looking for knowledge if anyone has come across a spherical pmma collimator for tritium spheres. The other possibility is a small linear collimator. I'm trying to grab as much light from a tritium source and throw it's in a specific direction. The math of a parabola of a...
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    Reverse aspheric with sapphire cover

    To give you a bit of context, I just lost my father, and I just returned from a baseball game with my son. I am wondering if anyone has done any builds within an asperic lens element that has been installed in the reverse direction. While watching the game with my five-year-old it occurred to...
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    Help with a 5730 Eagle Cad footprint

    I have been trying to find some 5730 MCPCBs to take the VTC5730 LED from Yujii however have come up blank- best I found was a 3S2P (or 3B2C) MCPCB round. So I leapt into learning Eagle Cad. With the attention span of a 3 year old, I took the specs from here (bottom of doc)...
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    Work Wanted? Help Needed?

    Is there a specific forum for posting ??'s on work needed and/or discussion? I don't believe I'm doing anything revolutionary I just need to get some feedback and/or help, and ask questions on costs if someone has had materials (pcbs) fabbed. Just don't want to broadcast indiscriminately...
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    3528 MCPCB single or multi?

    Good Evening- I'm trying to find some 3528 MCPCBs for use in a desk lamp, which is essentially a smallish headlamp- as most headlamps are concerned about size. Does anyone use these or could you point me to a resource for them? I'm coming up blank. I'm not even worrying about secondary...
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    Old Ad/illustration?

    There used to be an ad or product where the ads sit now that had a hexagonal LED plate. I thought it was all UV LEDs. Does anyone remember this and if so where/what/link for me? Thanks!
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    T8 ODNO overdrive fluorescent lights

    I've done this with some lettuce lights for my vegetarian wife but now need to do so for some garage with lights. Why not but more tubes? The quality is bad, the 3 tube lights from HD are 40$ and flimsy (but have awesome reflectors) and they're larger. I have a number of Philips ballasts, 4x...
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    Quad channel control for LED color tuning

    Evening- I hate to drop this thread here, but fixed lighting doesn't get enough traffic and it was going to originally be designed with 4x flashlight drivers (by modding the sense resister to a pot). I have some 4 die LEDs (R,G, B, A). I would like to set up a small demo unit to drive them...
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    It's not easy being Green and Low.... I gotta get low....

    With amazing persuasion skills I've convinced my management to let me buy some flashlight parts to make a replacement for an outdated incan and filter arrangement. Problem is, I need a specific wavelength (green, ~525nm) and a bandpass filter. The bandpass I can get from Edmunds for only about...
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    CR6-800L-27K teardown request

    I could really use some photos of the PCB and emitter as well as the voltage going into the mcpcb that the LEDs sit on. I could buy one and tear it down myself but .. If someone has one of the 800 lumen versions it would be cheaper and easier. Thanks much.
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    Outdoor COTS motion detector LED

    Good Morning- Looking for an outdoor motion detector based light (IP66). I have been using some Defiant and then putting the wet rated Home Depot 5000K bulbs (1100 lumens each) in them and been quite happy. It is not enough light, as right now I have 6 bulbs aimed. For the front yard (and...
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    Phillips led bulbs now showing manufacturing cost savings

    As you probably remember, the first gen of theses bulbs utilized 18 rebel emitters. The new 400 lumen unit uses 3x2 emitters on an FR4 board. The new 800 lumen unit uses 3x3 rebels on the ceramic board. I havent measured currents yet.
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    Overdrive T8 fluorescent bulbs - ballast selection ?

    I'm trying to find an efficient ballast for overdriving- the one that appears to be the best selection, lowest power consumption, is the GE UltraMax H 71723 - has a ballast factor of 1.18. There is also a 6 tube version; unfortunately tis 80$, almost the cost of the fixture I was putting them...
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    Phillips 12W - Rebate!

    Right now there is a rebate on Phillips LED products- according to polar ray's website, it's good for 10$ off the 39$ bulb. With a 10% Military discount... (tax in NY) its about 30$ AR. I intend to take them apart and use the blue ceramic supports to make a grow light :)
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    12x Rebel MCPCB?

    Ledil makes a 12x optic for Rebel LEDs- Sandra-RE-ES So who makes the MCPCB that this is supposed to go on? I was going to buy some 7 LED MCPCB from Europe for this and then reflow the rebels on them... make my own grow lamps this way (I've been...
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    Neutral (4000K-4500K) AA (or converter) light needed

    I'm looking for 3x LED lights that are AA based and in Neutral tint. I've seen the JetBeam BA20 but did not see the tint listed. I would like at least 200 lumens OTF given that I am using this for up close inspections on very dark and very light absorbent systems. The lights would not be on...
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    Non-electrically isolated slugs?

    I'm going to be purchasing some Avago dies- and they apparently don't offer the 3W units I want with electrically isolated slugs. Usually I drill and tap, but I was going to go hog wild and do this entire batch with epoxy. My thought: Thermal Epoxy a piece of anodized aluminum to the slug...
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    Easywhite XLamp MP-L LED driver for headlamp?

    I just discovered Tyco makes a solder-less socket for the XLamp MP-L LED ( - which means I can drive one of these guys without having to get all super fancy soldering skills. The socket (TYCO ELECTRONICS 2106946-2)...
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    Pot electrical materials

    I couldn't find a single thread that talked about potting materials- I've been using blue RTV (gasket) with very good luck- even used it on computer board CPU traces with no impact (that I could see or measure). It's fairly inexpensive but buildup takes awhile to cover the bottom of some...

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