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    16650-17670 case?

    I love my Storacell battery holders, great for general storage and travel. But they don't make anything for 16650/17650/17670 size batteries. I'm not interested in converting everything to 18650s, I don't want to replace my Surefire bodies. Can anyone recommend a good case/pouch/holder for...
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    Rechargeables in Surefire helmet light?

    Does anyone know if the Surefire Helmet Light can safely handle a 3.6v rechargeable? Surefire is sticking to their standard list of disposables, and when I asked would only tell me to stick to those. Anything other than a 3v 123 could damage the light. I don't want to risk burning it out...
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    Rechargeables in a Surefire helmet light?

    Has anyone tried using a rechargeable battery in their Surefire helmet light? I'm using 4.2-3.6v rechargeables in all of my other lights, and would love to do the same in the helmet light without burning it out. I asked Surefire, and got back their standard canned response about using only...

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