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    Armytek Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB are available NOW!

    Hello! If you have a problem with your flashlight, you can just email to [email protected] and our manager will assist you.
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    Armytek Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB are available NOW!

    Predator Pro Magnet USB is v3.5 Dobermann Pro Magnet USB is v1.5
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    Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB

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    Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB

    Hello! Yes, I was just expecting to hear our customers' opinion:) So, Viking Pro always had a drop in lumens, we didn't mention it in manuals for old version. We only started doing this recently. Speaking about the brightness. Viking Pro Magnet USB reaches 2200 lm while Viking Pro v3 reaches...
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    Lunar sale at Armytek is officially open!

    The Moon changes phases — Armytek changes prices! 50% DISCOUNTS 50% OFF on tactical, multi, and EDC flashlights 1. Withstand fallings from up to 10 meters and immersion to the depth up to 10 meters. 2. Operate on rechargeable and regular batteries of A, AA type. 3. Provide light for up to 200...
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    Armytek Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB are available NOW!

    Hello, guys! We are ready to present our NEW tactical flashlights! Meet Dobermann Pro Magnet USB & Predator Pro Magnet USB! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dobermann Pro Magnet USB...
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    Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB

    Hello, guys! We are ready to present you our NEW addition to the tactical lineup! Meet Viking Pro Magnet USB...
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    Armytek: special 20% holiday discount!

    The end of the month gives us two wonderful holidays - Fisherman's and Sailor's Day! Are you a sailor, fisherman or just want to make a useful gift? Only until June 27 use the special promo code SEACPF for 20% off ALL Armytek multi flashlights including the newest 2021 models! Fair winds...
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    Meet Wizard C2 Pro Max!

    Flagship product in multi flashlight lineup — brightness like never before! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Impressive features of Wizard C2 Pro Max Flashlight for...
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    Black Friday is officially open!

    Buy top-quality Armytek flashlights and chargers with up to 55% off. Today is the right time to please yourself with a new gadget: the discounts apply to all models. Remember, Monday is the final day of the major sale of the year. The bestsellers are still in stock. Hurry up before everything...
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    Meet new Wizard C2 Pro – the first multi flashlight in the new Armytek lineup!

    Legendary Wizard is even more awesome now😎 👇 💥 Innovative optical system: better light output, greater beam distance with comfortable wide spill 💥 Maximum LED efficiency: instead of 1800 lm in Wizard v3 Pro we achieved impressive 2500 lumens 💥 Upgraded body: optimized head design for...
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    Wizard / Wizard Pro. Multi-flashlights.

    We are very sorry to hear that, desmobob! Wizard series is not positioned as robust just for nothing - the flashlights indeed withstand much harder damage than it's competitors which is proved by many people. So I believe the problem was in the very model you had. Have you contacted the service...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    🔴 Promotion on Armytek flashlishts with red light! 🔴 Red light lamps are gaining more and more popularity among fishers, hunters, airsoft players and outdoor enthusiasts. The reason is simple - red light has several advantages: 🔴 Retains night vision and doesn't cause temporary "blindness"...
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    Company / Product News

    Hey CPF users! It's been a while since we've posted anything on this topic... So it's time to breathe some life into it! And we're back with wonderful news - we're launching a brand new battery charger Handy C4 Pro! Save your time when charging batteries and electronic gadgets. Handy C4 Pro...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Happy Birthday, Armytek! For 11 years we’ve been creating a bright history of quality light with you, our unique customers. Every year buyers from more than 70 countries choose Armytek products for professional use and hobbies. The circle of Armytek friends is growing — and this is the best gift...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Hello! Light weight, reliable, long-range flashlight for searching operations. Additional accessories represented by weapon mounts and original remote switches are designed for comfortable usage of flashlight in different conditions. Here are the brief description of the lights. P. s. there...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Summer is almost here. It's time for warm evening bike rides, night hunting and hiking. People will return to live communication and outdoor activities soon. To make your preparation for active leisure more pleasant, we give a 15% discount on ❗ALL❗ Armytek flashlights and accessories, including...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Thin, lightweight and stylish Armytek Zippy is now 3 in 1. Multi-flashlight Zippy Extended Set, which has no equivalents, is suitable for daily use, services or camping. Durable steel ring allows to carry the flashlight with keys. Removable stainless steel clip is securely attached to clothing...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Recent world events make us to read many discussions about how to prepare best for emergencies. And in all the fourteen million six hundred and twenty-five scenarios, toilet paper won't save you, but flashlight can :grin2: Make the right stocks with Armytek! Use promo code "COVID19" - get 25%...
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    Current Promotions & Discounts

    Let’s put the superstition back! This Friday the 13th you are lucky! Only one day, the most mystical and superstitious day of the year, you can buy any product in our online store with a discount of -30%! Repeat…DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING! Promo code FRIDAY13 The...

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