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  1. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS Bronze & Bare AL Rotary

    Looking for a Bronze HDS Rotary as well as a Bare Aluminum Rotary. Please PM me.
  2. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Mahi w/ Tri-PAK SOLD

    Complete McGizmo Mahi with matching Tri-PAK host. Mint new condition with no blemishes to report. Light works perfectly. This has a HIVE driver and jumper has been bridged for programming as you see fit. Please reference HIVE manual on McGizmo's vendor page for more information on the many...
  3. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired HDS Hyper Red Rotary **FOUND**

    Looking for one of the special group buy HDS Hyper Reds in a Rotary configuration. Prefer the Cerekote Red colorway as well if possible. Much thanks, Trip **FOUND**
  4. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired WTB: Spy 007 (FOUND)

    Looking for Spy 007. Prefer later model but will entertain anything you have. Please PM. THX, Trip
  5. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired CWF Pele SOLD

    Brand new Blasted/Etched Titanium Pele with Paisley Etching. I am the original owner. It comes with the COA, sticker and Pelican Case. The Light Engine is a Dragon Driver with Nichia 219C 3000K LEDs and Green Secondaries. It is a beautiful light. I bought it to check it out and because I had...
  6. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired Laulima Malihini Titanium *SOLD*

    Up for grabs is a new Malihini in Satin Titanium. The light has 4000k Nichia 219C LED and Amber secondaries. Comes with all the goodies. I confess that I am not the most awesome photographer so in an attempt to "up my game," I bought a light box and this is my first attempt to use it. Needless...
  7. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS 17670 Prototype Clicky 120 XP-G 3700K *SOLD*

    This is the only 17670 ACME threaded HDS made as far as I know. It was a prototype and is in basically new condition. It is a clicky and has the sought after 120 XP-G 3700K emitter and orange peel reflector. As you can see it has the earlier black ano bezel that is able to be replaced by...
  8. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired OKLuma Al-Bronze DC1 (Withdrawn)

    AL Bronze. DC1. Natural patina. I am original owner. Have cigar box, clip & screws, COA card and probably some OK Luma stickers. I think I even have the original OKLuma cardboard shipping box... Perfect condition & awesome. Withdrawn shipped. US 50 ONLY
  9. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku & Mule SOLD

    FS: Desk Queen 1 x AA McGizmos I have had both of these for several years and am the original owner. Both are desk queens but get used regularly. Clips show a couple of wear marks and titanium invariably shows typical swirls etc but nothing to note. No dings scratches etc. So great shape. The...
  10. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired WTT: McGizmo 1 x AA for 1 x 123

    I have a second 1 x AA Pak for my McGizmos and I miss having a 1 x 123. Mine is in 95% condition with no dings etc. It is a desk queen user that I have had for 3 or 4 years. Great shape. Loking for a similar condition 1 x 123 Pak. Mine has the plain clip on it as well but I can take it off...
  11. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS 3000K Rotary

    Looking for a 3K HDS Rotary from recent run. Prefer flush button rotary.
  12. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Zebralight Package SC52w L2 & SC600w MKII L2

    Both of these Zebralights are NIB and come with all packaging, o-rings, split ring and clip for the SC600. No issues with either light and they are in new condition. The SC600 has a couple of ano pinpricks missing and a small spot on the tailcap where the ano had a blem but they are extremely...
  13. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired O Light S1 Baton NIB *SOLD*

    This is a NIB O Light S1 Baton. I have had it since new and it is in the box with paperwork, lanyard and clip. I took it out to take a photo and put it back in the box. Price $30---$25 Shipped CONUS Only. SOLD
  14. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired HDS Executive Clicky 200 *SOLD*

    Up for sale is an HDS Executive Clicky. It is the 200 lumen neutral to cool emitter. Basically pure white. The body condition is excellent with typical ano pricks in the knurling that may be missing. The bezel shows light carry and there is a scuff on the tail cap and a prick of ano missing...
  15. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired Malkoff Devices MDC 1AA Nichia 219BV2 93 CRI *Sold*

    Illumination Supply MDC 1 x AA Nichia 219B version of this great light. These are sold out thru Illumn. Light is a desk queen and has not been carried. One pinprick of ano missing on tail. No dents or dings of any kind. Everything works as advertised. There is diffusion film applied to the...
  16. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired McGizmo Haiku XR-E 3S Light *Traded*

    This is a McGizmo Haiku XR-E 3 mode (L-M-H) 3S Light Engine that was what was in the original Titanium Haiku. Per Don: "The Titanium Haiku is a 1 x CR123 powered flashlight. The Light Engine is a "three speed" Buck/Boost converter driving a Cree XR-E LED (Q5WG bin). The three drive levels are...
  17. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired HDS 17670 Prototype *Price Reduced*

    This is one I did not think I would ever sell but things are taking me in a different direction. This is an ACME (newer) thread HDS System 17670 Clicky Tube mated to a 200 Lumen HDS (Not Hi-CRI) body. So this fits all of the modern and most recent HDS lights. This tube was a prototype and I...
  18. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired *SPF* AAA Copper Maratac & Prometheus

    I am looking to sell these as a package. First up is a Maratac Copper AAA Rev. 3 with the M/L/H mode sequence and XP-G2 emitter. Comes with box, o-rings, GID Diffuser and clip. Nice patina started. Light is a desk queen and has not been dropped, dinged etc. There are no issues. I will note that...
  19. Trip Miller

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku XP-G2 3S

    This one needs no introduction. Desk Queen McGizmo Haiku. No dings, drops etc. Maybe a few typical swirls but I would call it 98%. In my opinion the best compromise emitter is in this one and is an XP-G2 that is neutral/warm and has very good output. It is the 3S Converter. It has the...
  20. Trip Miller


    This is a LNIB stock OKLuma Tiny DC in the newer Stonewashed Titanium finish. It has not been carried and has no blemishes, scratches, dings, etc. It works perfectly and specs are as listed on the OKLuma website. It comes shipped in the OKLuma Cardboard Box, with Wooden "Cigar" Box, Birthcard...

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