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    Metal Halide Bulb without Ballast

    would you please upload the picture ? the original product page is missing and i cant see which bulb is this? i wanted to buy a G12 MH lamp and seller says it works without ballast, but it looks like true metal halide bulb. i don't understand how ? here is the link...
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    "Bad" NiMH cells in Liitokala Lii-500

    Re: "Bad" NiMH cells in Liitokala Lii-500 i just bought Liitokala Lii 202 and as the first post says, it behave differently and very confused. old NiCD batteries charging terminate very quickly, they work fine, but problem is with NiMH batteries. most of the time charging wont...
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    damaged Black paint on flashlight

    Hello, I have a flashlight I used locking pliers to unscrew the sealed tailcap that was glued, although I couldn't unscrew it but the black paint over aluminum body is damaged on some spots and the white metals is visible. have someone seen any rust on those damaged paint areas...
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    Fenix LD12 2017 Edition

    Hello everyone This is my first post, I just bought Fenix LD12 2017 and as everyone mentioned, the tailcap is sealed with glue. can someone tell me how can I remove it without totally destroying or ripping it apart. is there ANY way I can remove it and use it as normal unglued tailcap. water...

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