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    Claimed CCT ratings of bulbs

    Hello, Today I bought a pair of Philips WhiteVision bulbs, now everywhere I looked till now they were stated as "4300K", while the ones I bough are state as "up to 3700K". Checked on Philips site and is the same (up to 3700K). Anyone know if they reduced the color temperature or was the original...
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    First multitool help

    Hello, I'm usually in the light section but I have a more knife related question so I came by :) I decided to pull the trigger and go for a multitool so I don't have to get the toolbox for every small thing. I'm more of a minimalist type of guy an have decided I only need the following tools...
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    Help identify a light

    Hi I need the expert help here to identify a light, I came across this picture (by total accident), the top light is a SUNWAYMAN V10R, but there is no info about the light on the bottom (which I find gorgeous). Anyone know which it is?

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