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  1. ChrisGarrett

    Ready to embrace the 21700 standard

    Ehhh…I guess that I’m just a luddite and as such, I’m still in the 18650 camp and I have four 50Es for my Xtar PBS2 power bank. Chris
  2. ChrisGarrett

    Sub 14500 for AAs

    Just buy extra Eneloops and go that route. In a SHTF situation, K.I.S.S. is paramount. Chris
  3. ChrisGarrett

    Using AA batteries to charge a phone in an emergency

    Fujitsu has marketed a 4 bay NiMH charger/USB power bank, which I have and which came with four of their hi-cap batteries. It works decently enough, in a pinch. Chris
  4. ChrisGarrett

    Odd Olight charger question

    We never want to trickle lithium ion cells. Ever. Olight knows this. Some charger algorithms charge below 4.20v, some go over. Trickle charging is more an NiMH issue. Chris
  5. ChrisGarrett

    any olight fans?

    I’ve got 5: i3s, S-Mini rainbow, Baldr IR weapon light, UV i3 and their i5T Cu. I won’t buy lights that utilize proprietary cells. Chris
  6. ChrisGarrett

    New to rechargeable 16650 batteries with Malkoff E2HT head, could use some advice.

    Are they protected cells? Keeppower usually includes them, if they're something like the Sanyo 2500mAh ZTA. The PCB circuit prohibits charging the base cell to over ~4.20v, so you'll never get there, by design. You need bare cells and a charger capable of charging up 3.8v li-ion cells. Chris
  7. ChrisGarrett

    Very noob question about 18650 battery - can the plastic be peeled off?

    Don't remove anything. Use them as is. The clear shrink wrap is there for an important reason. Don't overthink things. Chris
  8. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    There are no 7v drivers, but there are 3.0v, 4.2v, 6.0v and 9.0v drivers (among some others.) Remember, in series (end to end,) we compound voltage and not capacity, but we compound capacity when we run them in parallel—that is to say all positives are connected together, as well as connecting...
  9. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Yeah, most, if not all of the li-ions that we use in FL/HLs are of the 3.6v/3.7v variety, which charge up to 4.2v. In a light with a 6.0v driver, we’re safe with a single li-ion such as an 18650/16650, or two CR123A primaries in series. Where we run into trouble, is in running two 18350s in...
  10. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Remember, there are differences between CR123As, RCR123s and 16340s/18350s. 3.0v vs. 3.2v vs. 3.6v/3.7v. Chris
  11. ChrisGarrett

    how many of you play with your lights still?

    Somewhere in the San Fernando Valley? We have a 'ditch' in our backyard, in Tarzana, that would become a raging torrent and swept a neighbor lady down about 12 houses, before she was rescued. Eventually an 8' runoff pipe went in down the middle of the street and things improved. This was back...
  12. ChrisGarrett

    Best Rechargeable for HDS Rotary

    The good news is is that the HDS lights don’t bang on a cell too hard, so somewhat inferior brands should last a bit longer. Chris
  13. ChrisGarrett

    how many of you play with your lights still?

    I carry one everyday, but I’m not really fiddling with them too much. While I have a few dozen ‘decent’ lights, they’re now more a tool for me. Chris
  14. ChrisGarrett

    How Long Can I Safely Store Eagtac 18350 Batteries Without Using Them?

    I have about 50 li-ions in the fridge at 3.6v-3.7v, but don’t put them in the freezer. Chris
  15. ChrisGarrett

    Defective NC SRT7GT. Does yours do this?

    Could it be that you're using cells that aggregate to a higher voltage than a single 18650, which is 4.2v hot off the charger? Two CR123As would be about 6.5v out of their pack, so that's higher. Two 18350s would be 8.4v hot off the charger. Although the light is designed to use two CR123As...
  16. ChrisGarrett

    New ikea ladda, better than old ones?

    Yes, those are the numbers for standard capacity Eneloops. If you need the extra capacity of the 2450s, go for it, but you'll only get 2-3 years out of them before they crap the bed. Chris
  17. ChrisGarrett

    14500 / 16340 / 18650 / 21700 / 26650 which format & why

    I still exclusively carry 16340 lipstick lights, so it’s 16340s for me! Chris
  18. ChrisGarrett

    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    8-9 years back I added an EDC+/Redilast 3 mode 1.5A P60 to my 6P and it still sits in my drawer. Chris
  19. ChrisGarrett

    Maglite 6D LED drop-in question?

    ~10 years back, I went with TerraLux Mini-Star 5 LED modules for my two 6Ds. They're no brighter, but runtimes are better and heat is less. I haven't used them since then, as they're just too big and heavy. Dinosaurs from a better time. Chris
  20. ChrisGarrett

    I want a dual channel 18650 charger...

    2010 called and it wants its chargers back. The Pila was once ‘the king of the hill,’ but things have changed. It’s funny that you would single out those two? Chris