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  1. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Fenix E01

    I have one. The purple light is sort of freaky but yeah, it's a great keychain light. I ended up with an E05 SS which in the end is a bit more useful for an EDC.
  2. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Here is a pic of the above light. The batteries are actually taking a charge. They are like 4 years old so hoping they don't blow up, but they're not even warm. I think I'm going to change this light from an 8/10 to a 7/10 until I can sharpie it up a bit and wash the handle.
  3. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Review: Manker E05 (1xAA-14500, Osram KW Emitter, EDC)

    Sounds like 4 modes would be better. 150/60/12/.1 A beacon would be a better option on a small light like that rather than a strobe. Nice looking light though.
  4. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Ok, last thing for real this time :sweat: I went to a flea market today and found a mini gold mine of stuff... mostly automotive stuff, but there was a dollar table and in the bottom of this box under the table was a flashlight. I pulled it out and right away the weight of it told me it was an...
  5. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Here is an update: Today a Lumintop Mini something or other ... mini mini .... :confused: Ohh ok, Lumintop GT mini popped up on youtube so I watched a video and it was quite impressive! I watched about 5 more videos on that and the mini pro, and then discovered the Lumintop GT micro ...
  6. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Another one bites the dust... 7th armytek wizard crapped out

    I have two of them from Illum's bargin bin... I think about $20 or $25 each but never used em because I hate the spongy rubbery switch. You have to jab your fingernail into it to get it to click, and as far as a fast double click, forget it. I throw one in my car just for emergency and if it...
  7. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    Ha! well yeah, it would be an eye opening showpiece for a very short time. The cool thing is, battery technology is moving along at a brisk pace, so who knows how much power could be loaded into a AAA size platform!? If it did happen though, the next problem is a small mass isn't much of a...
  8. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Whatever happened to Sunwayman?

    Ha! yeah, probably TGP flashlight thread. V11R is nice .. I never had one of those. Yep, they don't have anything new offered and seems like they are just selling off inventory. I hope I'm wrong though.
  9. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    Wow, cool! ... that's a lot of power for the size!
  10. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What do you desire from a AAA-size light?

    Probably something like a high output of 150-200 lumens. Having 6 modes would be cool too. The perfect AAA would be stainless, twisty or clicky rear button. Power output something like 1, 8, 45, 90, 140 and 200 would be cool but probably impossible. Right now I have a Fenix E05 stainless...
  11. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Very difficult NOT to love AAA's these days.

    I've been carrying a stainless steel Fenix E05 AAA lights for 3 years now. Its a twisty that gives you three power levels 12 .. I forget the middle and then 85 lumens which isn't crazy bright but bright enough in most cases. I'd like to find something similar in size and quality but that...
  12. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Whatever happened to Sunwayman?

    :confused: I used to like their products and thought they had some of the nicest finishes and designs out there. I've been sort of on the wagon but recently fell off and started digging into the new Cree LEDs to see what I've been missing the last 3 or so years. From what I can tell, it...
  13. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What is beside your bed?

    A nightstand, a bible, reading glasses, a Fenix PD25 and a Smith and Wesson model 642 .38 +P pocket revolver. :touche:
  14. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    I was in recovery since 2016 and doing pretty well, and then suddenly one night I couldn't sleep, so got up and started watching yout0ob videos and this flashlight thread popped up. :sweat: So, I figured what the heck, it won't hurt anything to see what I've been missing. Well, the next day I...
  15. Dr. Tweedbucket


    I started with Fenix and have a fondness for their styles and quality. I have a few E01, three E05 stainless, an E99Ti, an E12, three E20s no shake (very tight beam), an LD 12, a PD35 TAC and a PD25... and here's where it gets fuzzy. I bought two giant lights, one is a TK something and it...
  16. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What is the shelf life of a Lithium Ion battery?

    ... even if you keep it charged up, keep it cool, like in a refridge and don't use em? :confused: Also, is it better to store them charged up to 3.7V or store them with store with more of a medium charge?
  17. Dr. Tweedbucket

    What flashlight manufacturers have recently died?

    ... in the last couple of years? I was on Ilumun and it's like Eagletac was all tumbleweeds and crickets... at least over there. Some other brands like Sunwayman seemed to be pretty light duty in their offerings. :confused: There are so many brands out there these days, you'd think that...
  18. Dr. Tweedbucket

    AAA Lights; Post your favorites

    I don't really have a pic of it here, but my fav is the Fenix E05 stainless steel model. I think it's discontinued now but it's been my EDC for the last 3 years. I think it pumps out 85 lumens high with two other lower modes that are nicely spaced out. 85 isn't blistering bright, but bright...
  19. Dr. Tweedbucket

    Considering Lithium Ion is kind of dangerous, do you think solid state battery tech..

    Yeah, sure, anything with a ton of power packed into a small space is going to be potentially dangerous. THere are peeps who will find a way to hack the rules and kill themselves, I don't care if it's digital, chemical, vacuum tube, organic, water based or other. :duh2: