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    Nichia emmiters

    I have the Rey light version 4 one in brass one in beadblasted titanium. The titanium one has the 219b emmiter. The brass one has the 219c emmiter. The 219b seams to be a cooler light and the 219c seams to be the warmer one. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Am I wrong? Any...
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    Microstream aaa question

    Can the microstream aaa use a 10440 battery without damaging the light
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    FW3a lens

    I am looking for a sapphire lens (23mm x1.5mm) for a fw3t. I don’t want to go through Nealsgadgets. Thanks
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    Samsung batteries

    I have a fw3t and a blf a6 I’ve been running Samsung 35e’s in the fw3t and Samsung 30q’s in the blf a6 is this a good choice
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    Blf a6 pocket clip question

    Will the bolt on pocket clip for the convoy s2 work on the blf a6 flashlight
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    FW3T temp check question

    When I go to check the current temperature of my light throughout the day it gives me different values is this normal
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    Old AA flashlight

    I have a old AA flashlight that is made out of metal the writing on it says “SKM with a triangle shape then LTE” it doesn’t work but looks cool. Can anyone tell me anything about it and can it be fixed
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    Lumintop Fw3

    What are the problems with this light if any
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    Micro Stream question

    Can rechargeable aaa batteries be used in the Streamlight micro stream flashlight?
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    Surefire lx2

    Does anybody know if there is a way to put a clickey switch on a surefire lx2
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    New member Pto

    Hello to everyone I've been bitten by the flashlight bug. I have a few lights a surefire lx-2 a Mecarmy pt16 a fenix pd35 tac and a few streamlights. I'm sure I will learn a lot from this forum
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    Question about the BLF A6

    What is the Luman output for this flashlight without the spring bypass and is it worth doing the bypass