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  1. Marduke

    Found a light caving

    This Saturday I went caving with some friends at a local favorite of mine. Part way in while walking in a stream passage, I saw a foreign object floating in the water. It's common caver practice that when a caver finds trash they pack it out of the cave. But I squinted, and quickly recognized a...
  2. Marduke

    MagLite upgraded to a Rebel!! (pics in post 34)

    While at Lowe's tonight checking for the Remington headlamp, I happened to look down at the Mag's. And what do I see, but Rebel LED's in the 2D and 3D models!! They were stamped with "060", which suggests to me that they were Rebel 60's. Should focus into a tighter spot now.
  3. Marduke

    Fenix LD01 - LOD-Q4 replacement

    Just found info on the fabled replacement to the LOD-Q4. 4sevens hinted at this upgrade back in September, and said it would include a higher PWM frequency, but nothing else was really known. The other important upgrade is to a full Q5 LED. Unfortunately I do not read Chinese well enough to get...
  4. Marduke

    Subforum rename

    It seems to me a LOT of members totally miss the "flashlight electronics - batteries included" forum and post their battery questions in the light section. Perhaps it could be renamed "flashlight batteries - electronics included" I think the slight name change stands a better chance of drawing...
  5. Marduke

    Home made water pressure/depth test

    I was thinking about the low pressure water resistance tests which some people perform. This usually entails a sink, bathtub, and occasionally the deep end of a pool. This is all fine and dandy for most uses, but what about the more robust lights which should be able to handle much, much more...
  6. Marduke

    1xAAA Stainless LOD clone mini-review

    Last month I decided I wanted try try out this little 1xAAA stainless light from DX. I enjoy it enough that I wanted to post a little mini-review for everyone. BTW, the picture on the main page is incorrect (it's of the UF C3). The lower pics are correct however (at this time) This light was...
  7. Marduke

    Looking for low Vf 5mm white

    I am looking for a 5mm white LED with a particularly low Vf. I want to direct drive it off two AA's, so Vf needs to operate from 1.8-3.4v idealy, 2-2.8v would be acceptable. It doesn't have to be bright, this is for LOOONNNGGGG runtime. I just need a single LED for a project. Having a few more...
  8. Marduke

    Need outfitted for caving

    I am interested in joining a local caving group (Huntsville Grotto for those of you in the area). My caving experience is pretty much limited to tourist caves, and not really any wild caves. From what I understand, they will loan me a hardhat and headlamp for the first couple trips, until I...
  9. Marduke

    Adjustable Focus Fenix!!! Fenix E20

    New Fenix model, the E20 is 2xAA with adjustable focus!! News leaked on a different forum.,55790.msg202650/topicseen.html#msg202650
  10. Marduke

    Problems logging into Underground

    When I try and get into the underground I get the following message: I can get to the page which displays all the warnings and rules prior to getting into the actual site, but when I click the top icon I get that message. :shrug:
  11. Marduke

    Nichia GS "Fauxtons"

    That's right, I just found a Nichia GS Fauxton, instead off the off brand 5mm's they used before. I won't post a link or price, but I hope everyone knows where to look :naughty: Specs: - Each featuring a genuine Made-In-Japan Nichia 5mm LED emitter (NSPW500GS-K1, 82KS1N-c0W) - Luminance of up...
  12. Marduke

    CPF Business Cards

    Should we make unofficial, or Greta approved official business cards for CPF? Here is my reason: Checking a semi-local Target to see if they had anything left of the spring clearance, I overheard a guy and his wife talking. They were passing the flashlight aisle and he tugged her in saying "Oh...
  13. Marduke

    Two new Energizer Cree Flashlights

    A while back we spotted a single mode Energizer Cree light at Sam's Club for $15. While browsing Energizer's website, I found that they are apparently coming out with two even better ones. A 1xAA and 2xAA multimode Cree lights. Links:
  14. Marduke


    Dude, there is a specific subforum for this junk
  15. Marduke

    NiteIze 1watt PR dropin

    Everyone is a fan of the 10mm NiteIze PR dropin for 2-6 cells for incredible runtime, but they have a new PR upgrade on their website. They have released a 1watt PR dropin. Not sure if it's on shelves yet, or what LED it uses, or what runtimes it gives, or how much it costs, but hey, IT'S NEW...
  16. Marduke

    embedded movie test

    testing imbedded movie: <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  17. Marduke

    Marduke's Fenix T1 Abuse Test... VIDEO UPDATE!

    Part 1: Initial thoughts and a quick disassembly Well, my sacrificial T1 arrived in the mail today. I must say, this thing does have a bit more heft than I thought it would. Since I don't have to worry about marring the finish on this light (it's going to be crushed anyhow), I immediately set...
  18. Marduke

    Spyderco Help

    Ok guys, I would like your opinions, comments, and ideas on a few folder. I currently EDC the following: Victorinox Rambler, or Classic Alox Swiss-Tech UtiliKey Victorinox Pioneer or Soldier I would like to add a slim folder to that list. I like a little heft, and ruggedness, so plastic scales...
  19. Marduke

    It's Official, Inova is gong CREE!!!

    Inova is going Cree in 2008!!
  20. Marduke

    Fenix LOD Q4 and RB100, T1 R2-bin

    Seems they all exist in Japan, why not for everyone else? Seems like the Japanese are always getting the latest Fenix lights before the rest of the world, and with better binned LED's LOD Q4 in natural T1 in R2 bin LOD in RB100, black and natural...