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  1. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired Surefire + Petzl bundle

    Flashlight bundle for sale: [emoji3502]Surefire G2X Pro. 15/320lm version. Well used but functions just fine. Works great on a 16650. [emoji3502]2x Surefire SC1 spare carriers. [emoji3502]Petzl e+lite. Previous generation, comes with case. $50sold pending funds for the lot...
  2. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired Maratac, Fenix, Maglite, Glo-Toobs

  3. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired William Henry, Spyderco, Kershaw

    William Henry Legacy H300-D: Amazing gentleman's friction folder. The blade is Raindrop Damascus over a ZDP-189 core. Basically new and in perfect condition, comes with the WH leather sheath shown. I have the box as well if desired but I'd have to track it down.. $295 Sold Kershaw...
  4. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired FS: Microtech UTX-85 S/E drop point

    Brand new, carried once indoors but hasn't cut anything. M390 drop point blade. Tan anodized handle with black hardware/black blade. Comes with original box, paperwork, and a padded Microtech belt sheath that I kept from a previous knife. Great knife, just not really right for my carry needs...
  5. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired Garage Sale! TAD Gear, Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, Skinth, MilspecMonkey, Vanquest

    Recon AC pants: Black, Size 34/30. Good condition overall except for one small tear in the right knee (shown). $35 REI Softshell Gloves Like new. Fleece lined, touch-screen compatible. Includes orange S-biner. $25 Adidas Adivista S sunglasses Brand new in box with case, pouch, and...
  6. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired Items added! Malkoff MDC 18650, 4Sevens Preon MkIII, Quark 123, Fenix E20, SF Z58

    Malkoff MDC 18650 E-Body: Barely used, still in great condition. A really clever design, I just don't have a need for it right now. $65$Sold! 4Sevens Preon P1 MkIII: Lightly used, finish looks brand new, the tri-chrome/PVD coating holds up really well. This is the "Satin Black" version...
  7. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired FS: McGizmo McLux III on C-Pak

    McGizmo McLux III PD *HEAD ONLY* Mclux III PD head (6 Flutes). The emitter has been upgraded to a Cree XP-G. Shows signs of carry, scratches and snail trails on the finish but the lens is clear and unmarked. Again this is the head only, the body is sold. Single CR123a. Does NOT run on 3.7v...
  8. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired Malkoff M361n, Nitecore SRT-3, Fenix E20

    Withdrawn, items moved to new post Withdrawn. New post created
  9. KeyGrip

    Leatherman Wave sheath

    Hey all, I'm looking to get a replacement sheath for my Wave as the one I have now is falling apart, but I want this one to fit the LM bit kit securely. Would anybody happen to have this sheath and use it with a bit kit? If so, how well does it work? Security is important here as I work at...
  10. KeyGrip

    USITT 2012

    Bit of a long shot as I don't know how many CPFers are in theater, but is anybody going to USITT this month?
  11. KeyGrip

    The best flashlight ever?

    Seems like a pretty bold claim. Thoughts?
  12. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired FS: ArcMania Mega Extreme II MC-E

    Hey folks, starting to liquidate some of the collection. Up for sale is an ArcMania Mega Extreme II MC-E. Even, wall-of-light beam putting out 500 lumens at the emitter. Single mode, direct drive, primary cr123 only. $230 $200 $190 or best offer, looking for quick cash. Shipping...
  13. KeyGrip

    Sold/Expired TRADED: McGIZMO HD-45

    Hey folks, bit of an odd offer here. I have a lightly used McGizmo HD-45 (Lux V) that I would like to trade, but I'm not sure for what. I want something small and extremely bright. No larger than 2xcr123, ideally E-series compatible. Something like an Aleph build or a modified Surefire, though...
  14. KeyGrip

    I need your McGizmo pictures!

    I'll keep it short. For my final project in a digital illustration class I'm making an advertisement-type spec sheet for 5 different McGizmo lights, so I need pictures. As many as you have, any model and from any angle. Thanks in advance!
  15. KeyGrip

    My McBits are loose!

    The metal ring/kilroy/circuit assembly is loose on my HD45. 1: is this a problem? 2: Can I fix it myself? 3:...there isn't actually more I need to know. Thanks!
  16. KeyGrip

    Pila IBS stopped working

    Hey folks. About a month ago my Pila IBS stopped working. The charging indicator lights won't turn on at all. Has this happened to anyone here? I'm waiting for a reply from Pila about this.
  17. KeyGrip

    SureFire advertisement search.

    Hey all. I need a link to/copy of the E2DL Defender which shows the woman in the alley being followed by some shady dude. I'm writing a short essay on it*, and I need to turn in an electronic copy of the whole thing, image and all. Thanks for the help! *man I love college sometimes.
  18. KeyGrip

    Joined the club!

    My gamble to make a complete McGizmo light by purchasing a PD compatable C-pak payed off when Bernie graciously offered to sell me an old six fluted PD head. It arrived about fifteen minutes ago and I am freaking out. I'll have more words later. May I present to you the McLux III PD-C (:p)...
  19. KeyGrip

    "Two-Tone" Pacific

    Not what you may think at first. I was polishing my brass Pacific from the bottom up and I noticed a nice transition from the polished area to the patina area. Difficult to photograph accurately.
  20. KeyGrip

    Wireless router/DSL modem

    Hey all. In the market for a combination DSL modem and wireless router. Budget is around $100. Main brands I see around are 2-Wire, Linksys, and Netgear. Any experience with any of them? All crap? All good enough? Nothing too fancy here, I just neet to set up a password protected network for a...