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    Tritium vials size

    I made an account here because Google tells me [email protected] has the best Tritium vials and I need 1.5mmx6mm. I see on his thread he offers a 1.5x5mm. Are those the same size? I'm aware the numbers are not but I also know a 2x4 isn't really 2 by 4. Just want to make sure if I place an order it's the...
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    [email protected]'s Tritium thread

    Good Morning, [email protected] I created an account because it's clear you sell some nice Tritium. I have a stupid question first. Is your 1.55x5mm the same as 1.5mmx6mm? Obviously the numbers aren't the same but I know a 2x4 isn't really 2 by 4. If not, do you have any 1mmx6mm? Appreciate any insight.