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    Shaver advice.

    Hi all, I have decided to try electric shaver, since I do not like to be cleanly shaved all the time, I like the three-days-beard (let's put it that way) or a few mm long. Which electric shaver would you recommend me to buy, which would not cause any rash and would have these different levels...
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    Good cheap watches?

    I prefer the Casio MQ24 (analogue). Usually about $15-$20, battery lasts for 2 years, then buy a new one. I once tried to change the battery. It fell apart not long after
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    marathon mountain bike headlight

    I have just recently bought an old ledite unit from ebay to which i have been very happy. Unfortunately the battery pack in a webbed pouch got wet one rainy night and then subsiquently failed. I think about new and expensive headlight, I won a lot of money on the Canadian online casinos - after...
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    LED Spotlight for night fishing

    I havn't tried the LED lights on my boat. I had a halogen light mounted on my boat to aid with navigation. I mounted mine on the side of the trolling motor bracket. I drilled a hole through the "O" in the word MotorGuide so when I took it off the boat you couldn't see the hole. I have used some...
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    Can you recommend a good headlamp.

    Getting tired of holding a flashlight with my teeth, so I'm looking for a good LED headlamp, maybe something that's rechargeable so I don't have to worry about swapping out batteries constantly. Do you guys have any suggestions? I was recently looking at one of the Milwaukee headlamps, anyone...