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  1. Ryp

    Nitecore TM26 Gen. 1 Flashlight Review (3500 Lumens, 4x18650)

    First of all, I would like to say that this light was very generously donated to me by CPF member thedoc007 during a Christmas give-away, and I would like to thank him for it :twothumbs . The TM26 was my first high-powered light and I've loved using it ever since. It's quite a unique flashlight...
  2. Ryp

    *NEW 2016* Nitecore R40 - Rechargeable XP-L HI 26650 Light
  3. Ryp

    Armytek Partner C4/Pro Interesting form factor: 2 x 18650 without a "turbo" head, and in series as opposed to the Fenix LD50 and Klarus RS30.
  4. Ryp

    AceBeam X65 - 11,150 Lumens, 1,150m Throw

    AceBeam X65 - 12,000 Lumens, 1,301m Throw 1:5*Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 50,000hours 2:Max Output 12000 lumens Use 8*18650 battery Firefly : 4 lumens 150hours; Low : 500 lumens 28hours; Mid : 1500 lumens 8hours; High: 3500lumens 3hours...
  5. Ryp

    *NEW* Sunwayman T16R - 59mm CR123A Flashlight *NEW*

    Turbo (380 lumens, automatically lowers to High after 3 mins continuous use) High (180 lumens, 2 hrs) Mid (50 lumens, 10 hrs) Low (10 lumens, 60 hrs)
  6. Ryp

    *NEW* 2016 Fenix Lights
  7. Ryp

    *NEW* JETBeam Lights TCE-1, Titanium Light MINI-1, 10180 Light T6, 4350 Lumen 750m Throw Light
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    *NEW* JETBeam/Niteye Flashlights
  9. Ryp

    *NEW* Acebeam T20 - De-Domed XP-L, 1030m Throw Level 1 : lm Level 2 : 50m Level 4 : 350lm Level 5 : 750lm Level 6 : 1750lm Strobe : 1750lm Size 250mm(length) x 70mm(head diameter)*25.4mm(tube diameter) Weight 300g
  10. Ryp

    *NEW* FourSevens Brass Lights

    ML-X: MMR-X: Mini ML-X specs ($96): MMR-X specs ($164):
  11. Ryp

    *NEW* Sunwayman G25C Dual Button Light Output & Runtime High- 1000 Lumens, 2 hrs. Mid- 150 Lumens, 6 hrs. Low- 16 Lumens, 80 hrs. Strobe ● Effective range of 208 meters ● Dimensions: 113mm (length) x 30mm (head diameter) x 25mm (tail diameter) ● Weight: 93.4g(battery excluded)
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    *NEW* Klarus FL1A - Multi-Colour Diffuser Light
  13. Ryp

    *NEW* ThruNite Ti 4 Penlight Specifications: LED: Cree XP-G2 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time Mode & Runtime (Tested with 2*Ni-MH/900mAh): Firefly(0.3 lumens, 137hours), Low (24 lumens, 12hours), High (252 lumens, 51minutes), Strobe (252 lumens, 90 minutes) Battery...
  14. Ryp

    *NEW* JETBeam C8 - Rechargeable 1000 Lumen Light

    18650 included
  15. Ryp

    *NEW* Fenix LD75C 4200 Lumen Colour Flashlight
  16. Ryp

    *NEW* Fenix UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight
  17. Ryp

    *NEW* JETBeam BR10GT Rechargeable 900 Lumen Flashlight/Bike Light (Battery Included)
  18. Ryp

    *NEW* Fenix HL30 (2015)
  19. Ryp

    Used TM26 To Scram Teens

    My next-door neighbour called (she's a 80 something year old woman living by herself) saying she heard a loud bang on her garage door so she told my dad and I to check it out. When I went out it smelled like firecrackers, I saw some teens at the end of the block so I shined my TM26 at them...
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    Check My Cover Out