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    Sold/Expired Titanium Giltek RUK + AmslerKives N52 AMP

    1. Giltek RUK titanium in excellent condition. Attached to a set of keys and carried for about a month, but only used a few times to open some packages. Some faint marks from being attached to a set of keys but no dents or gouges (never dropped). Some minor corrosion on the utility blade itself...
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    Sold/Expired Oveready universal clips (6P)

    1. *SOLD* Like new Malkoff VME head on a MDC 16650 body with some custom work done by Randy at PflexPro. Randy bored the opening of the bezel thus increasing output and custom fit a Quad DT drop in. Specs: -AP-Regulated (H17F) Quad DT drop in -Nichia 219c 4K -Bored opening + blackened bore area...
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    Sold/Expired Okluma DC1 titanium + GD Skulls clip *SOLD*

    New in box Okluma DC1 titanium + new GD Skulls titanium clip with silver skull and blue stones (perfect fitment + retention). Besides a quick function test, this has never been used or carried. Comes with all of the original packaging/goodies including the standard clip and an Efest 18350...
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    Sold/Expired withdrawn

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    Sold/Expired Venom Orion titanium *SOLD*

    Hi guys, couple of catch and releases here. These have been briefly function tested (less than a minute) but never carried or used and are unmolested. 1. *SOLD* Titanium Okluma DC2. Comes with everything including a Sanyo 18650 and even the original shipping box. -4000K 219C -H17F -Green...
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Prometheus clip + kydex holster for HDS Systems

    *SOLD* Accessories for HDS Systems lights: 1. Prometheus clip (like new) 2. Kydex holster + Teklok in good condition purchased directly from HDS a while back. Tiny gash near top edge. $40 shipped for everything. USA only.
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Oveready V5 + Malkoff MD1 + MD1.5

    SOLD I would like to try and sell these as a package. Everything listed here is new, never carried, and unused. The MD1 and MD1.5 bodies were purchased from a forum member here who cuts Malkoff bodies. I also sent him a brand new Malkoff head and V5 triple so he could bore the retaining ring...
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    Sold/Expired sold

    Sold elsewhere.
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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Oveready Unified Z70 + DIP 8 Optic

    *SOLD* Oveready Unified Z70 host + Optic DIP 8 mode dropin XPL 4000K in like new condition. Never carried and only test fired for less than a minute, then left completely unmolested. I'm looking to get what I payed. You save shipping fees from Oveready and the brand new Malkoff tailcap and...
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    Sold/Expired withdrawn

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    Sold/Expired *SOLD* Oveready BOSS 70 Satin Silver 219C

    **SOLD** Excellent condition BOSS 70 Satin Silver 219C 4k Amber. Spent most of its life as a desk ornament with minimal carry and usage (could pass as new). Always babied and never dropped. $375 Paypal. Shipped with USPS priority + insurance CONUS. Signature required.
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** Oveready V5 + TNC titanium P60 host (18650)

    **sold** Oveready V5 triple A33 (amber) Redome XPL 4500k ALMH (amber first) drop in + TNC full titanium P60 style complete host (18650) which includes a removable clip and a lanyard hole in the tailcap. Chris's craftsmanship is impeccable. Both the drop in and host are new / never used / never...
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    Sold/Expired Isofrane dive straps

    For sale: 1. Mint condition Isofrane 24mm orange / RS buckle brushed (gently worn for 1 week - no physical activities). Original box + COA included. $95 shipped usps first class conus 2. Mint condition Isofrane 22mm nato green / RS buckle brushed (gently worn twice - no physical activities)...
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    Sold/Expired **SOLD** McGizmo Haiku Hive XP-G2 1xAA

    **SOLD** New never carried Haiku / HIVE / XP-G2 / 1xAA. Less than a minute run time only to test function. $425 shipped USPS Priority insured CONUS.
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    Sold/Expired Withdrawn

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    Sold/Expired Hinderer Half Track textured DLC + Groniger Utility Slim 2.5

    1. Like new Hinderer Half Track S35VN stonewashed, full titanium textured DLC handle. Never used or carried but flipped open a dozen times. Comes with everything which includes the original box and card. This is hands down the prettiest Half Track out there. $535 shipped USPS Priority insured...
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    Sold/Expired **all sold** Like new Malkoff MDC 16650 + 2AA

    New never carried Malkoff lights (briefly turned on to test function). 1. **sold** MDC 2AA $80 shipped usps priority conus 2. **sold** MDC XP-L 16650 (received from Malkoff with some very light tool marks on the clip) $99 shipped usps priority conus 3. **sold** MD2 M61HOT $115 shipped conus
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku and Mule

    Couple of like new McGizmo's for sale. These have never been carried and only turned on to test function. All lights will ship USPS Priority insured CONUS. 1. withdrawn 2. **SOLD** Mule AA XP-G2 1xAA. $375 shipped
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    Sold/Expired Vape mechanical mods bundle

    I quit vaping so these mechanical mods are up for sale. Everything here is authentic and is in excellent to mint condition as these have seen very little use and have never been dropped or carried with other items in pocket. Original boxes are included except for the Cherry Bomber mod, which did...
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD

    1. **SOLD** Surefire 6P host bored 18650 with McClicky installed (no drop in). New, never used or carried. Two tiny specks of anodizing missing on body shown in the photos. Asking $60 shipped first class, conus. Bought these to use as some duty lights but decided I prefer the beam...