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    Boosting a Ryobi P705 flashlight?

    Has anyone tried to upgrade this light? It has a Cree XP LED on a heatsink and has plenty of battery so not sure why the output is only a measely 130 lumens.
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    opinions/info on this Feit pivot head flashlight?

    If anyone has any experience with the flashlight below (or one that looks very similar like the iProtec Pro-500 RC) I would like to hear your opinion of the light. I would also like to know the size of the battery. Thanks...
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    *warning about IMR Batteries seller*

    I want to warn others to be very, very careful buying protected cells from IMR Batteries! They are currently selling a Sanyo NCR18650GA that is capable of 10A continuous output, but it has a third-party protection circuit added that is only capable of 5A continuous. They don’t mention that 5A...
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    Hohm Tech Base 4 vs Vapcell S4+ vs XTAR VC4S

    If you have one or more of these chargers please chime in with your likes or dislikes. The 'rejuvanate' features on the Vapcell and Hohm Tech models really interests me. I do find it odd that no one has done a detailed review of the Base 4 charger.
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    Need help rebuilt battery pack

    So one of my BMS circuits finally arrived. It is the 2S one for my Eureka stick vac. I assembled the new battery pack using two LG 50T 21700 cells to replace five sub-C NiCD (or maybe they are NiMH) cells. I connected everything properly but no power. I then “woke” the BMS circuit by applying 8V...