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  1. markr6

    No more UPS tracking details

    I haven't tracked anything on UPS for a while. But I just noticed they no longer give all the details. Like all the cities it passed through, when it arrived, when it left, etc. Now it just says Label Printed, Shipped, On The Way, Delivered. Weak. But in the end it doesn't really matter.
  2. markr6

    Why is deleting Facebook is so hard?

    Well, a few clicks and it would be toast. But getting to that point seems to be the hard part. I always thought it would be good to go low key and get off the radar. Especially after some data breaches. I even saw some headlines in the news about deleting Facebook recently. I would miss my...
  3. markr6

    Car battery shortage = shortage for flashaholics?

    There's a ton of talk lately from analysts about a potential huge li-ion shortage based on the electric car industry ramping up. GM is looking at building a factory in TN in partnership with LG. I'm assuming more will come in the future. Do you think this will affect the availability for us...
  4. markr6

    4680 cell lights

    After Tesla gets the 4680 cells going, will we see some 4680 lights? That's 1.8" wide!! I'm mostly joking, but not completely. 9000mAh!
  5. markr6

    Blew vehicle fuse, still not working

    Here's what happened to my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee recently: 1. I ran a tire pump (too long) and it finally died. Figured it was the pump. Turned out to be the fuse since two of the cigarette lighters stopped working. 2. Replaced the blown 20A fuse. 3. Front cigarette lighter started working...
  6. markr6

    Hot 21700s raining from the sky :)

    Good clean fun on a Tuesday night! 100-mph Tesla Model 3 crash sends hundreds of scorching battery cells flying, starting a housefire and taking 3 hours to clean up.
  7. markr6

    iOS and Youtube App annoying volume display

    For years the big volume box popped up blocking most of the screen in the youtube app. They finally "fixed" this in iOS11, but now it's back in 12. This is pretty much the most annoying thing ever. Anyone know of a fix, or will it likely be up to an iOS update?
  8. markr6

    Xtar VC2S

    I don't see any mention of the newer VC2S here. Looks like some improvements over the VC2/VC2 Plus. I still don't get the voltage "speedometer". If you're going thru the trouble of telling me the real-time voltage, just give it to me in plain, specific numbers. Otherwise it looks like another...
  9. markr6

    Folomov Key Charger

    I like the looks of this! Small, USB cord attached, 2A charge rate. Power bank function. Discharge function, but not something I would personally use here. A voltage readout would have been great, but the blinking lights are better than nothing. $14.98 on amazon so I may give it a try.
  10. markr6

    iPhone screen not dark enough for you?

    This is great!! We obviously know the benefits of having sub-lumen flashlights for nighttime use. But what about your phone? Whenever I check it in the middle of the night, even the lowest setting on my iPhone is a bit bright, even with night shift enabled. So here's a way to knock it down even...
  11. markr6

    More 3 amp chargers on the way?

    Xtar has at least one 2A charger, my Opus 3100 does 2A, and the Nitecore does up to 3A. Now that capacities are getting up there, especially with larger cells, shouldn't we be seeing more of these 3A+ chargers? For instance, a 3600mAh 18650 Recommended Charging Current: 2A Max Charging...
  12. markr6

    Buying a light you'll hardly use

    Let's say you want to get a new light to keep in a place where you'll likely never use it. For me, that would be something like a fishing tackle box or first aid kit. I'll probably have at least one light on me anyway, but I want to have that backup knowing it will always be there. A cheap <$10...
  13. markr6

    Parasitic Drain

    Parasitic drain in today's flashlights is one of my biggest annoyances. What makes it even more annoying is the fact some people try to defend flashlights that have it. 1. "It would take weeks or months for the cells to be completely drained" is a common response. How is that any kind of...
  14. markr6

    Non-dimmable LED bulbs are dimmable

    What's going on when you put a "non-dimmable" bulb in a socket with an incandescent in another socket (same lamp/chanderlier)? I noticed this works. Not only does it work, it works BETTER than bulbs specifically labeled "dimmable". Talk about irony! Usually all the LEDs I've tried on my dimmers...
  15. markr6

    Storing Li-Ion portable charger near 100%

    I know it's not good to store any Li-Ion at or near 100%, but I decided to keep an portable charger in my bag or EDC pouch at all times. I'll rarely use it. I got it free at a trade show, so I don't care if it's toast after a while. It's only 2200mAh anyway. Basically a last resort to get some...
  16. markr6

    Still wanting a good 2-slot charger

    Almost every manufacturer comes close, then leaves out one critical feature. I'd really like: - 2-slot, fairly compact - Li-Ion and Nimh - Must have voltage readout while charging - Must have 2x1000mA rate for both cell types Basically an Opus 3100 with just 2-slots would be great. The Xtar...
  17. markr6

    If you had $328.50 burning a hole in your pocket...

    ...what would you buy? A pair of Crocs. Definitely, Crocs.
  18. markr6

    Strange iPhone photo names

    I just updated to the latest ios on my iPhone 6S so I'm not sure if that matters. But after taking a bunch of photos over the past 3 days I noticed about 15 photos don't have the IMG1234.jpg format. They have random names like: GWSU1269.JPG BPQR2941.JPG Any ideas what's going on?
  19. markr6

    "Reserved" in second post

    Why do people put a second post after their first that just says "Reserved". You think I would know after all this time, but I don't get it.
  20. markr6

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Zebralight SC63w - MINT - Good tint

    Zebralight SC63w in mint condition. Good tint on this one! Comes with box and manual. $59 SHIPPED con-us locations only Accepting paypal