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    resistance question

    So I want to find the resistance of SS solarforce body vs a Aluminum body. Using IR meter on xtar vp4 plus measured 29mΩ on just battery; measuring aluminum host and battery in series I get 35mΩ; measuring stainless host and battery in series I get 62mΩ. Can I deduce that AL host is 6mΩ and the...
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    EV-Tech Explained

    I just watched this great video Tesla's Battery Tech Explained: Part 1 - The Cell. Really interesting presentation worth a view in my opinion.
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    New SSC "SunLike" emitter ....

    Stumbled across this while surfing the web, hope it pans out.
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    When I try to go to page 8 of this thread Chrome blocks me from that page with Danger: Malware Ahead! Just want to report this to you. Google Chrome has blocked access to this...
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    Ti EX10

    I am very fond of my EX10 and have wanted a Ti version so I am making one. I am a machinist but new to Titanium and it has given me some trouble with knurling.Hell I have a hard time spelling knurling let alone getting it perfect,plus that is the last operation done on the light because once you...