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    Will NiMH cells do this?

    I had Radio Shack and RayoVac NiMH leak white stuff just sitting by themselves so it is possible.
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    RadioShack closing stores, batteries sold on close out

    Re: RadioShack closing stores, batteries for sale. I bought some Radio Shack batteries and were the worst I've ever tested and the most expensive I ever bought.
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    Maha C9000 dying, anything better out there?

    Can that Dragon do a 'break-in' cycle like the c9000, I think its just multiple refresh cycles. Thats what I'm using now but its a pain because I can only get one cell at a time to work.
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    Maha C9000 dying, anything better out there?

    What is the "dragon". I'm looking for the break in cycle, I test my eneloops about once a year and have 4 of them which are below 1600mAh I want to try and get back up.
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    Maha C9000 dying, anything better out there?

    Does the OPUS C3100 do a break-in cycle?
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    Maha C9000 dying, anything better out there?

    My C9000 has one slot that always thinks there is a battery installed and will only run a creak-in cycle on one slot at a time, it skips the menu when I put in a second battery and goes straight to selecting charge current. I was just going to order another but wondered if anyone has one upped...
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    Best Small Portable Phone Charger?

    Has anyone used this brand I like the pass through feature, have one usb coming from the wall through the battery pack then to the phone
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    Universal Phone Dock?

    Not all phones have the usb port on the same side. Look at Qi wireless charging, then make yourself a stand/dock with the charger inside and put the receiver inside your phone/tablet.
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    do NiMH batteries leak like Alkaline batteries?

    I had an off brand and a radio shack NiMH leak.
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    Replacing Dremel Minimite NiCd's

    I found the main body of mine sitting in my parts drawer the other day, don't know if the switch is buried in there or not. maybe some day I'll get it back together.
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    What's been the most troublesome vehicle you've ever owned and the most reliable one?

    funny, my best was an 88 s10. Mine was a 2.5L 4 cylinder with 4 speed manual and 4x4. I could get almost 30 mpg and drive through snow deeper than the mirrors. I got it from a repo auction and took off the body lift, removed the seat and hosed out the mud and put the seat back in. It was...
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    windshield rain repeller, anything better then Rain-X?

    I'm glad someone resurrected this thread because I had the same experience, no matter how well you put it on it wears off in a week or two. I've started using the washer fluid with rain X in it when NAPA didn't have the plain old cheap stuff and found that using the washer/wiper to reapply it...
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    How likely am I to find paracord locally? ...

    Lowes and Home Depot have china made paracord, the internal strands are different enough they don't want to stick to the outside when you melt the ends. Lowes had some real paracord almost hidden off to the side of the shelf. Its more expensive than ordering if from Amazon, I just stick some...
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    Ene/Dura-loop roll call - how many?

    I have 32 of the MAHA Imedions: 4 for my son's kidzoom digicam 4 for my daughters kidzoom digicam 8 for my son's leapster (4 in and 4 spare) 8 for 4 wiimotes 8 spare 60 Eneloops: 8 for canon S3IS (4 and 4 spare) 4 for Garmin Etrex legend HCx (2 and two spare) 8 for the two packs in my pro 97...
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    Post your bicycle pics

    Added a trailer bike to ours for this year my 4 year old rides it, he's went on a 12 mile ride so far.
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    What Cell Phone you use???

    Droiiiiid here. I was due for as new phone for about 6 months but Verizon only had other windows mobile phones and I was waiting for something decent and grabbed a droid on the release day.
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    NiMH leakage. Does it happen?

    Re: Do Sanyo Eneloops leak? I've had two NiMH leaks now, not eneloops, but onne of the Titainium 2100lsd that battery junction cleared out a year ago and one radio shack so I can attribute them to being crap cells.
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    Which battery/cell type to use for emergency use only ?

    I use eneloops in my emergency gear because I believe in testing that gear at least once every 6 months and some of it doubles as camping gear so it will get used at least once in the year.
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    Does A "Smart" 2 bay -- 1 channel AA Charger Exist....?

    Re: Does This Exist....? You want to be careful, sometimes saving $ on cheaper stuff can cost more in the long run. I bought a three or four $20 chargers then a $40 rayovac "smart charger" as well as a couple simple trickle chargers that came with other devices. probably spent well over $100...
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    Low Self Discharging NIMH's

    I have 16 of the Titainium 2100 low self discharge and last charge one of them leaked white stuff over my c9000. I have most of it cleaned off but I assume that one is bad. I use eneloops for all my gear but buy someting else for kids toys so we don't get them mixed up. I'm thinking of maybe...