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    WTB Olight i3s for my granddaughter, prefer purple

    I gave my purple i3s to my granddaughter and an alkaleak bonded to the body the light has a custom LED swap, so Im seeking a replacement body, or a complete light will do :-) Merry Holy Days!
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    Thrunite Ti3, first impressions and modding info

    Thrunite Ti3, first impressions nice small, lightweight 3 mode twisty with a sublumen low. always starts on the lowest mode, no memory weighs just over 3/4oz very handy for seeing keyholes, reading labels, navigating at indoor distances, and as a task light for arms length... the NW is really...
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    WTS Thrunite Ti3 aaa w High CRI w pebbled TiR

    SOLD Thrunite Ti3 aaa w High CRI w pebbled TiR Includes original box and accessories. Reduced from $50, now $40 each, plus shipping. update July 12, 2021, three lights available now: 1. Thrunite Ti3 with High CRI 219b 4500k 9080 sw45k w Pebbled Tir: 2. Thrunite Ti3 with High CRI 219b...
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    Sold/Expired [sold] Thrunite Titanium T10T with Nichia 219b 3000k 9080

    Thrunite T10T w 3000k 219b, was $70, was $60, now $55 plus ship. I can ship international too! disclosure, I changed the LED to a nice Warm High CRI Nichia. The logo on the bezel does not line up with the switch button.. the light is in excellent used condition. Satisfaction guaranteed or full...
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    Sold/Expired all SOLD WTS Copper AA Tool, Brass AAA Tool, Copper AAA Tool

    Lights are modified to higher CRI, satisfaction guaranteed or full refund, including free return shipping. SOLD 1. AA Tool $85 shipped conus this is a brand new light that I handled in order to swap the LED this light starts on the last used mode SOLD 2. AAA Brass Tool, $65 shipped conus this...
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    Sold/Expired [found]WTB McGizmo SunDrop with Nichia 083

    like this, but prefer to use body and driver compatible w AA Eneloop and NoPWM: Willing to trade a Jetbeam TCR-1 Rotary for your Sundrop.:thinking:
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    First Impressions AAA Sofirn C01S

    I just received a Sofirn C01S and am really enjoying it. It uses a 4000k SST-20, and it has 2 modes. I find both modes very useful indoors, I especially like the beam shape, which has a nice wide hotspot with even brightness. Here are some comparison photos low 3 lumens high 100 lumens...
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    Sold/Expired FS: Maratac w 5000k Samsung. Nitecore EX11.2 with High CRI upgrade

    Update 8/13/2020 added Maratac High CRI Update 8/12/2020, Both Sunwayman sold. Nitecores both still available.. === Smooth ramping variable brightness Rotary with High CRI upgrade. Includes AA adapter that is bored to allow 17500 LiIon use, can also work with AA Eneloop and AA Alkaline, in...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Tritium ready fins, for Sunwayman V10r Ti

    anyone willing to send some trit fins to a loving home, please pm me your terms :-) If they come with a V10r Ti attached, that's acceptable.. lol
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    Sold/Expired Nitecore EX11.2 w High CRI Nichia

    SOLD Nitecore EX11.2 w High CRI Nichia update, I have just determined that these light are unregulated on LiIon. otoh, they are regulated on CR123 and work great more info w videos here...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Nitecore D10

    Please PM me if you have one available thanks!
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    Sunwayman V10r mod to N219b 4500k 9080 sw45k High CRI

    Got a V10r open, by freezing it for an hour first. I tried heat repeatedly, but failed repeatedly. Installed a 4500k 219b 9080 sw45k The beam is perfect, and the LED centering is too. Super happy about this one. output ranges from a minimum of 0.005 up to 210 lumens using a usb rechargeable...
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    Modded Thrunite T10T V2 CutleryLover Edition to 219b 3000k

    It was very difficult to get the bezel off. I finally succeeded after heating, freezing and re-heating the light. the rest was straight forward:
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    Sold/Expired [SOLD] Thrunite T10 Ti V2, Cutlery Lover limited edition, modded to 219b 3000k

    [SOLD] Dual Fuel Titanium AA/14500. 19mm x 88mm, the Thinnest AA lights I know of (I know very little.. lol) has tailmagnet, sideswitch, keyring capable, and Clip is reversible for hat use. I modded this light, more info here Great High CRI beam, with Incandescent color temperature and tint...
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    Sold/Expired [Sold] V10a, V10r. Clickies: T10t, Cu Tool, Cu S Mini, Ti S Mini. Twisty: JetU

    1. [SOLD] Sunwayman V10a modded to your choice of either 219b 3000k, or 219b 4500k, Sapphire lens. $125 shipped conus. example of the difference in color temperature 2. [SOLD] Thrunite T10 Ti modded to 219b 3000k 9050. $85 shipped conus. more info 3. [WITHDRAWN] Sunwayman V10r modded to...
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    Tint perception depends on ambient light white balance of the users brain

    points of reference daylight has greener tint than incandescent daylight D55 (5500k sunlight) has a duv of +0.0033 incandescent 3000k has a duv of 0.0000 looking at a dedomed 5000k LH351d at night (under incandescent brain balance), I see green tint looking at the same LH351d during the day...
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    V10r Ti modded to E21a 3500k

    Great Beam, Great Color, Great CRI dynamic duo fun w Trits E21a 3500k makes Red Pop! V10r Ti w E21a 3500k: Max is 220 lumens, min is 0.01 lumens.. pretty perfect for my EDC.
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    Titanium Keychain Light Options

    Please post Titanium Keychain light options (not limited to AAA), here are a few to start: Twisty 10180 Clicky 1/2 AA convertible...
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    Sold/Expired WTB KuKu eswitch board for V10r Ti Tritium tailcap (ended, switch housing sold)

    I recently received a SOYCD V10r Ti, with a damaged KuKu switch. The light is working with a plain button and switch from a V11r. I have the tritium button assembly, but the electronics are damaged and need to be replaced. I will buy a complete KuKu eSwitch if necessary, but I dont really...