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    Good First Budget Flashlight

    I am very new to the world of flashlights and I am looking for a good budget flashlight to begin with.. I see the BLF A6 recommended as a beginner light... I have plenty of 18650's from another hobby I have 2 questions 1) is banggood a reputable seller? and What lens tint? Here is the...
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    Any Squonkers on here?

    Just thought I would see if there are any fellow squonkers on here (Vaper's that use bottom fed attomizers)? I am very new to the flashlight world, but decided to venture over here as I have an extensive collection of 18650 batteries and high end flashlights have always been a curiosity of...
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    Hello from NH

    Just a quick hello to the forum from NH.... Very new to the flashlight world, but interested in learning all I can.... I am very active vaper, so I looked at my extensive 18650 collection and thought how else can I but these to use... and flashlights were recommended... My knowledge of...