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    Bulb or not Bulb for led lighting ?

    Prismatic Acrylic Sheet Find something about "perspex" acrylic sheets : "Prismatic acrylic sheet is a textured acrylic sheet often used as a light diffuser in fluorescent light fittings or similar applications." Found too LSD products, here is sample request form : www . luminitco . com /...
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    Bulb or not Bulb for led lighting ?

    Did you read about Edison Ediline 3 séries ? I work with 1w and 3,5 W models in warm white, 80 lm/w at 350 ma, light is rectangular and provide very large angle, less shadows than rail of stars ... Blasterman, about your projects, how much % you loose in luminosity versus a bare led ?
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    Bulb or not Bulb for led lighting ?

    Thank you very much Blasterman, for your nice work ! i'am trying some parts from broken flat tft displays, some acrylic sheets into with fresnel effect, and crackled hard panel. You are right, the led spot is not easy to look. 500 ma is a nice compromise for current, 350 ma get too few lumens...
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    Why LED screw-base bulbs are a bad idea

    I use 3 xr-e warm at 500 ma, on an aluminium "L" rail, 30 cm x 3,5cm x 3,5 cm, no heating problem (~ 25 °C after 6 hours) About 400 to 450 lumen ... Alu rail : around 1 € xr-e led : around 14 € for 3 12 v current constant : 5 € I agree as Star is the common and versatile shape for home led...
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    Bulb or not Bulb for led lighting ?

    Sorry if my english is bad, i'am french ^^ Incandescent and CFL lights have a large emitting radius .. A "360 degree" led bulb does have multiple led emitters, well disposed, and the heat is a real problem when the power is more of 3 W. As for incan or halogen, le direct light hurt the eyes...
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    Sold/Expired F/S: MULTI Cree XPG modules !!

    Just receive my module ^^ Thank you, quick shipping and nice little product