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    Need Recommendation for a multi purpose rechargeable flashlight for home

    I’d look at the rechargeable offerings from Maglite.
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    Recommend me a replacement for Convoy L6

    There’s the modded L6’s available from lumencraft, or wait for the announced, but not available yet, L7.
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    List Your Favorite Light You Have Had For More Than 2 Years Than You Use Nightly

    I have an original Nitecore P12 that I use nightly whenever I let my dog out to take care of business. I live where coyotes can be an issue, so whenever the dog needs to go I have to accompany.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Awaiting delivery of Acebeam X45, figured it was time to up my game from a Convoy L6 (which is a great light for the price).
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    Overheat Protection

    I’m new here, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Most (all?) lights, especially on Turbo mode, will step down due to heat issues. I think a lot of the listed mfgr ratings are on the optimistic side and the only way to get a true sense of performance is to look for user reviews.
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    Weird problem with Nitecore P12 flashlight

    Wondering if 21700 is marginally too long for it. As said, reach out to Nitecore. I have the original P12 and it’s my most used light.
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    Acebeam X45 batteries

    I ended up getting a set of button top VTC6. Thanks.
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    Acebeam X45 batteries

    Thanks for the quick reply. Got 4 Sony VTC6 flat tops in my cart, unless I hear differently that’s what I’m getting. BTW, I also have the new LiitoKala Lii-600 charger on the way.
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    Acebeam X45 batteries

    Awaiting delivery of my X45 and would like to purchase a spare set of (4) 18650’s for it. I’m not sure what type to get, button top? Flat top? Protected or unprotected? I need help!

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