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    Orange HDS

    I've always admired the orange model! Ideally with sapphire lens. Anybody willing to part with one?
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    EMISAR D4V2 TI QUAD 18650

    I'm loving this Ti/Cu light with Samsung battery, magnetic tailcap, clip and upgraded emitter for less than $100. The interface is easy to set-up and it is a strikingly beautiful light and IMO a great light for the $$! Of course the standard issue D4V2 in grey is a pretty light, and a screaming...
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    Sold/Expired WTB: HDS Rotary or Clicky 325 with Flush Button and Sapphire Lens.

    Either of the LED emitters will be fine, thanks. Prefer Black bezel and universal clip, but these are not a necessity.
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    Streamlight TL-3 LED Emitter

    Where can i get a replacement LED for this light. Streamlight part # is 880400 and is discontinued. Any easily adapted substitutes?
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    Emisar D4V2 and HDS Rotary 325...

    After being a flashlight geek for 40+ years, I dropped out of the enthusiast loop for the last 10 years or so. Now that I've recovered, I've purchase a dozen or so new lights: RovyVons, Fenixs, Emisars, and an HDS EDC Rotary 325. I love my PD36R, my Rovyvons and Emisar D4V2s (One Al, one Ti) and...
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    EDC Rotary Programming Tip

    I struggled a few days getting mine programmed due to use error. I was trying to program a fast strobe for 3 clicks and every time it cause all the extended holds to be fast strobes. My mistake in programming was selecting the 3rd click to program but holding it until the full bright came on...

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