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    McGizmo - 2018

    Happy New Year! guess I'm a bit late but I just don't drop by here anymore, but on this lazy Sunday morning, WC on TV, figured why not? The reason I haven't been back is that, after acquiring a fair number of McGizmos, there has no need. My main purpose flashlight is a Sundrop that was setup...
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    A Haiku as my first "high end" light?

    For the woods, for a number of reasons, my preference is for the 6v XML Makai. IMG_0333.jpg by Dean Fletcher - Photographer - Portland, on Flickr
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    Wave of Mule & Haiku lights using the Cree XM-L LEDs

    Just be sure to order the tapped clip option and also get a McGizmo coiled tether with swivel and you're set.
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    Wave of Makai

    The Makai is different from most other lights. I own one and will tell anyone that it almost has a power of it's own. The combination of size, titanium construction, and great light output, puts it in a class by itself. It makes a statement. When I'm out in the dark, it's the Makai that goes...
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    Wave of Haiku High CRI

    Don was pretty clear in the above post that the 083 is not offered any more, in either form. I think I got one of the last Sundrop 083, over a year ago. See Don's recently posted availability form that cross references all the various options. The 083 is not there.
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    Which Haiku ?

    Just to try and make it more difficult, like Don, my EDC is now a Sundrop. Used to be a 3V Haiku XML but found that for most tasks that I needed the light for, the perfect beam of the Sundrop just works much better. With the Haiku, or any other light with a reflector, there's a variation in...
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    McGizmo for Photography

    We have a lively art community here in Portland. Went to this opening event because I know the folks involved and it was nearby. Used my Nikon D4 with a vintage Nikon 20mm manual focus lens and my Sundrop. The dancer is out of range for the most part but I did get the Sundrop on him as he moved...
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    How and where do you carry your McGizmo?

    My 1x123 McGizmo, was using a Haiku head but have switched to a Sundrop, complete with a proper 1/4"-20 clip that is attached to a McGizmo coiled tether. To the ti split ring of the coiled tether I have another ti split ring with my keys, and small Swiss Army knife. Normally, I wrap the coiled...
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    Wave of Haiku High CRI

    The 119 is Hi CRI (Color Rendering Index) which means colors are seen more correct (to the human eye). This is important for things like photography and animal watchers. The XM-L has the higher output. I use the Mule and Sundrop Hi-CRI models in my photography; however, for my EDC it's the...
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    Nightmaster V2 XR-E RZ9002MT-S V Nightmaster 2MT-M XR-E EZ900

    I have the NightMaster, using the red emitter which I like a lot, and remember having the same sort of question. I was wondering if adding this extra battery would boost the output. Answer: No. The output is regulated by the Light Engine with the output being the same regardless of the extra...
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    Cryos Illumination's Triple Function Light

    Why is this like pulling teeth? My main question is how long the light will operate (at room temp) at full output until the control system backs off the level? This is a basic, fundamental question for any light proposed to be used in video or photography.. When taking video using a...
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    Best light for long range shooting

    For long range night shooting, what you really want is a high powered aspherical flashlight. Deerelight Night Master is one. has upgraded versions. What I like is an aspherical with a red emitter. That way...
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    Longest lasting, Most reliable CR/RCR123 Light? With clip will run you about $650. Made of titanium and sapphire lens. This is as indestructible as a flashlight can be made. Any flashlight made of aluminum is not indestructible.
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    Time for a new light!

    Well, most flashlights are not going to survive too many 30ft drops. Most of today's flashlights are made of aluminum and when it hits on the right spot the head will deform and the lens will break.... You may want to look at a titanium flashlight with sapphire lens. McGizmo Makai, XML, 6V head...
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    High CRI emitter isn't so High CRI if its output spectrum isn't fully collimated

    There is nothing secret about what the McGizmo Sundrop is doing. This exact same type of light (aspherical) has been used in theaters, movies, TV, forever to project a beam of light on a subject and make them look as good as possible. There are other types of lights used by the pros but the...
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    What's your most impressive flashlight?

    Took a look at the Armytek and the only McGizmo model in the same class would be the Makai which will set you back over $600 with the addition of the clip. Here's a picture of my Makai with 1/4"-20 clip...
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    High CRI emitter isn't so High CRI if its output spectrum isn't fully collimated

    Yes, I believe that is correct. I recall his writing about the development of the Mule but don't see it right off hand. See I don't normally photograph walls, but I do photograph people against walls. Here's an...
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    Cryos Illumination's Triple Function Light

    This begs the question: What's the runtime, before the 60C cutoff, at full output at room temp? Also, is the 60C thermal triggered shutdown a hard shutdown that requires the light to be turned back on or does the light come back on by itself after cool down?
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    SOLD OUT: Web Coil tethers with stainless steel connectors

    Re: Web Coil tethers with titanium connectors A nice looking bead blasted version.
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    Cryos Illumination's Triple Function Light

    Well then, what is the (too hot) cutoff temp for this temp chip? Does the case always remain cool enough to hold with a bare hand or will gloves be required? Got to assume that with this thing putting out so much light it's going to get really hot. Plus, unlike a standard flashlight...

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