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  1. Sadden


    Whats the current best H9? Bulb life is not a concern as they only take a few minutes too swap.
  2. Sadden

    JW Speaker Peterbilt Replacement Lamps.... Finally! I have been waiting for this product for several years now. Anyone have any relevant info? Obviously JW speaker makes solid products. I am assuming these are going too be a significant upgrade over the...
  3. Sadden

    2009 G8 GT

    Hello i just purchased a new too me 2009 G8 gt. Im doing an H11 too H9 swap on the lowbeams and leaving the highbeams alone with the oem H9s. The foglamps use a bulb im not familiar with (looks like its shared with the gmc 1500s in some model years) Whats this bulbs actual description and what...
  4. Sadden

    Oem Led Headlamps and CCT/Kelvin

    With many... Many... Manyyyyyyyyyyyy oem led headlamps sporting obnoxious 6000k+ color temperature, i am curious what can actually be done about this. Replacing the chips with different/brighter chips is out of the question. But if a headlamp came with an onboard led that is a fairly common...
  5. Sadden

    H8 Foglamps

    My wifes trax has H8 fogs. They arent actually terrible and i want too keep thier usefullness for our whiteout winters. Whats the best option going forward? Replace the lamps with a superior model? (Looking at the oem mounts doesnt seem simple) Bulb upgrade? Are there any legit bulb...
  6. Sadden

    JW Speaker Model 9800

    I am on the market for some auxillairly lights for my pete. The JW Speaker lamps are obviously strong contenders. But only the heated lense models. I am looking for an aux high and lowbeam. Having it all in one package would be nice. The 5x7" and 7" circular models are nice but have the added...
  7. Sadden

    Laser Driving Lighta

    Looks like Baja Designs has released their laser/led hybrid bars. Throwing around some big claims. 350% farther than their prexiating led only models. Is there any tangible objective data on these yet?
  8. Sadden

    Hella Optilux XY

    Now I know that tinting the assembly is the preferred method for getting selective yellow lamps. However, I cannot for the life of me find yellow metalcast around here, I've been too every paint shop and hardware store, arts and crafts stores. Ive called and tried too order them, and because...
  9. Sadden

    SAE Designation Canadian Law/Peterbilt Driving Lamps

    Which SAE designation is required for you too run aftermarket driving lamps uncovered In Canada? And is there a limit too how many I can run? Cops here WILL ask you too cover non-compliant lights or cut the wires if you drive big trucks up here. Its not something they will pull you over for...
  10. Sadden

    Yeti Hopper 20 and Yeti Ice Combo

    So i work in the oil and gas industry. Im up early and hope late all the time. Lots of 12+ hr days. My wife makes me sandwiches, and i grab granola bars, energy drinks, gatorade, breakfast sandwiches and other grub at the gas station. I have been taking all of this too work in plastic garbage...
  11. Sadden

    If all you cared about was distance...

    What would you mount on the roof vehicle, assuming it already has good lowbeam/highbeam performance. And already has driving lights too push out past the highbeams. Hella 4000 HID Pencil Beams? A rigid bar with hyperspot? Baja Onyx6 High Power? What do you know of for a vehicle that will toss...
  12. Sadden

    AC Delco HIR1

    Regarding a recent thread there was some discussion on the avilability of Toshiba HIR1 bulbs from ACDelco I ordered from my local dealership and this is what i received. Oversize Pic Oversize Pic Oversize Pic Did I order/recieve the wrong p/n? These are clearly vosla units. How do they...
  13. Sadden

    Voltage Regulator

    When building a wiring harness... -Is there a safe way to slowly bring up the voltage when initially turned on. -Is there a way to set a regulated voltage?
  14. Sadden

    Selective Yellow Headlamps

    Okay so if you live in an area of the world with frequent inclement weather, is there any benefit to making your headlamps selective yellow? My understanding is that the benefits of selective yellow foglamps are very small. But still there. And if your spending a pile of time in poor road...
  15. Sadden

    Cloudy Aftermarket vs New OEM Headlamps

    This fall I replaced the heavily oxidized aftermarket headlamps in my grand prix with a brand new set of OEM lamps. I took this picture to illustrate to others how aftermarket headlamps lack the focus and beam pattern control of OEM lamps. OEM Headlamp Left , Aftermarket Crap Right. 30+ feet...
  16. Sadden

    Quality Driving Lamps and Fog Lamps

    Im looking for quality driving lamps for my Peterbilt. I have a big bush bar so I can fit most anything. I want to do 4 driving lamps (at headlmap height) and two fogs that i can mount much lower on the bumper. Needs: Dot/sae stamped/etched on the lense. Halogen Prefer to have the same...
  17. Sadden

    H20 Halogen Applications

    So i was reading about the new H20 halogen bulb. A high wattage, low output light source with a heavy blue tint to be used with "led lowbeams" Due to its low output do you think manufacturers will use this in the foglamp position? People leave their foglamps on all the time, and i know of...
  18. Sadden

    Show Us Your Sharpening Gear

    Heres a sample of my stuff Synthetics. Full set of Shapton Pro, Some Nubatamas and a couple randoms.. Naturals. One Coticule (select from ardennes) One Belgian Blue, the rest are Japanese Naturals :love_heart: Diamonds. Atoma Plates and Heavy Duty Films Nagura bin The lot of it...
  19. Sadden

    A19 Base Homelighting

    My home has mostly A19 based lamps, I "upgraded" the incans to CFL's, and have never been very happy with the CRI, Reliability or CCT. I was browsing the store and see that LED options are still grossly overpriced up here. And the CRI is still catching up. So with many of the CFL's failing im...
  20. Sadden

    Aux Lowbeams for Peterbilt

    So i did the H11-H9 conversion on my Peterbilt, while it was an upgrade, it didnt wow me.. I took some time and read the instructions for our optical headlamp aligner, and spent the time to get everything aimed to the best of my ability. However modifying the H9 is a bit of a pain, and will...

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