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  1. PhotonWrangler

    GM recalls every Chevy Bolt ever made due to a dangerous battery defect

    Physical manufacturing defects have been found in some Chevy Bolt batteries that pose a serious fire risk. At least one house burned down because of this. They recalled a batch of these cars in July but now that the problem is more widespread than a single LG battery plant, they're recalling...
  2. PhotonWrangler

    New RGBW LED ribbon-filament bulbs

    I stumbled across these RGBW ribbon filament bulbs at the "blue" DIY store the other day. I picked one up because I've never seen an integrated RGBW LED ribbon like this before. It's a little spendy at $25 and at 300 lumens it's more of a decorative lamp than anything else. I haven't set up...
  3. PhotonWrangler

    CREE HID replacement LED filament bulbs - anyone tried one?

    I was surprised to see these in the "blue" DIY store yesterday. Lifetime is stated as 15,000 hours which seems a little short to me. I'm guessing they're driving the filaments pretty hard. Has anyone tried one yet? I thought about picking one up but I was hesitant about buying a 15,000 hour...
  4. PhotonWrangler

    UVC Sanitizer Box - mostly fake

    I bought a couple of "UVC Sanitizer Box" devices recently out of curiosity to see if the LEDs might be useful for other projects. This is a white plastic tub with a door that's marketed as something for sanitizing your cellphone, keys or other small objects. Put your phone inside, close the...
  5. PhotonWrangler

    The radioactive diamond battery that can last 28,000 years

    I have no sense of how large a usable battery will need to be but I thought it was an interesting read. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?
  6. PhotonWrangler

    Looking for a source for UVC bandpass filters

    I'm looking for a vendor that sells UVC (254nm) bandpass filters. I found a couple sources on the "Rainforest" site but I've never heard of them and they're far away with long shipping times. Any ideas? This is for fluorescing minerals that only respond to shortwave UVC. I have a few UVC...
  7. PhotonWrangler

    LED street lights are gradually tuirning purple in Charlotte

    Interesting failure mode in these LED streetlights. I wonder whether the phosphor coating is burning off or if they're RGB LEDs and the green LEDs are failing. It's a beautiful shade of purple but it doesn't belong in streetlights.
  8. PhotonWrangler

    Took apart a dead Energizer lithium 9v battery

    I had a completely discharged Eveready lithium 9v battery so I decided to open it up to see what was inside. It was surprisingly easy to get it open. The metal foil wrap peels off to reveal a battery holder with three exposed, unlabeled CR14250 (1/2-AA sized) cells that I believe are...
  9. PhotonWrangler

    Surge protector went kapow

    We had a power outage the other night. Yes we engaged the flashlights and lanterns, however this story isn't about the lights. I have a UPS that's plugged into the wall and a surge-protected power strip was plugged into one of it's outputs and feeds my computer and monitor. It's taken many...
  10. PhotonWrangler

    "Black" light A19 filament LED bulb from Sylvania - don't waste your money

    As I'm always on the lookout for a decent LED blacklight, I just bought a 2 pack of Sylvania "Black" LED filament bulbs at a chain DIY store that starts with M. These bulbs don't say "black light" on the carton, just "black" with a drawing of a violet bulb. Hmm. It says the same thing on the...
  11. PhotonWrangler

    Sylvania Osram TruWave LED bulbs

    I ran across these new LED bulbs from Sylvania in a local store the other day. The packaging was a little vague about it's benefits other than reducing blue glare and providing a higher CRI. I thought about buying one to try it out but they only came in packages of 2 or more so I changed my...
  12. PhotonWrangler

    DirectTV satellite being moved to higher orbit bc damaged batteries about to explode

    The owner of this decommissioned satellite has obtained emergency approvals to move it to a higher orbit to protect other satellites because it's about to explode due to "irreparable thermal damage" to it's batteries. Wow.
  13. PhotonWrangler

    Non-DPSS (native green) diode lasers on the market now

    I saw an announcement about native green laser diodes a few years ago, but they were prohibitively expensive at the time. Now they're coming way down in price. I've just obtained one pre-mounted in a brass housing with a constant current driver for under $30. The wavelength is just a few...
  14. PhotonWrangler

    Saw an unusual automotive device this morning, trying to figure out what it is

    This morning I was sitting in a parking lot, preparing to back out. I put the car in reverse and when the backup camera came on, I saw something odd on the front of a car parked behind me. There was a brief flash of light emanating from the area of it's high beams with a 1 second cadence...
  15. PhotonWrangler

    Found an induction bulb in a retail store

    I walked into an office supply store today - their name rhymes with Maples - looking for some ink cartridges for a pen. While browsing the aisles I was startled to see a couple of induction bulbs for sale - a 60w equivalent and a 100w equivalent. The package calls it a "Acandescent" lamp...
  16. PhotonWrangler

    Anyone else tried meatless burgers yet?

    I've recently tried the Impossible Burger (v2.0 - there's two versions of it) and it was amazing. It looked almost exactly like a hamburger, tasted very close to it and the texture was pretty close also. Overall it was so close that I had to keep questioning whether I was eating a real burger...
  17. PhotonWrangler

    Children's hospital has a tradition of "Good night lights" every evening

    Just saw this tonight and I had to pass it along. What a wonderful tradition, especially for flashaholics.
  18. PhotonWrangler

    A new UV bulb at Wally World

    I stumbled across this UV LED bulb at Wally World today so I picked one up. It has an edison E26 base and a clear dome with a single LED in it. Powering it up, it does produce fluorescence, although with some visible purple light, This suggests that it is one of the longer wavelength LEDs...
  19. PhotonWrangler

    Fire resistant lithium batteries using non-newtoniann electrolyte

    This looks interesting, especially for electric vehicles. The electrolyte turns solid when hit, and reverts to it's liquid form afterwards. It's also more fire resistant. There is as small penalty in terms of capacity and longer charging time as the added silica particles reduce the flow of...
  20. PhotonWrangler

    Goodnight Vietnam. the real Adrian Cronauer has passed

    Story here. RIP good sir. :candle:

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