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  1. 5S8Zh5

    i need a 1 cell aa light!

    Quark QK2A MKIII and a 1AA body.
  2. 5S8Zh5

    [Review] AA sized LUMINTOP FWAA with Anduril II and 3 x high CRI LED's (Insane power)

    This was important to me: the switch won’t spill its guts out when taking off the tailcap (early versions of the FW3A had this issue) [ review ]
  3. 5S8Zh5

    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    I keep these two handy. My first (gifted) LED light - Fenix PD22 200 lumens. Foursevens Quart QTA
  4. 5S8Zh5

    Your Oldest LED Flashlight?

    My first: PD22 200 lumen - a gift.
  5. 5S8Zh5

    Where are all the single AA twisties?

    L3 illumination is my go-to.
  6. 5S8Zh5

    Tail Clicky 18650

    Elzetta Bravo body + Standard Bezel + High-Low Tailcap + VME Head Lens and Gasket + Malkoff M61 drop in. The VME lens and gasket / and Malkoff drop in are optional.
  7. 5S8Zh5

    18650 EDC recommendations?

    The FW3A has a beautiful beam patter for walking fme. I have to do the 4 click lock or do the unscrew because my carry method will activate the switch if I crouch down, like when I'm wiping the pup's feet before reentering the car after the morning walk.
  8. 5S8Zh5

    First Impressions AAA Sofirn C01S

    Re: First Impressions Sofirn C01S My Sofirn C01S is my EDC.
  9. 5S8Zh5

    what was your first led light

    Fenix PD22 200 lumen. A gift from my Mom. Still have it, still use it.
  10. 5S8Zh5

    What is beside your bed?

    Two lights: FW3A 4000K Neutral 95+ CRI locked out with a Nitecore 25.4mm diffuser - so momentary moonlight is available to shine on the analog alarm clock to see the time. Fenix PD35 set on high.
  11. 5S8Zh5

    Which lights withstand hard drops/impact the best?

    This comes to mind... [ PROMETHEUS LIGHTS DROP PROOF? CHECK. ]
  12. 5S8Zh5

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Malkoff M61NLLLL. Went into my Surefire G2 Nitrolon and is my new EDC. Great beam for early morning walking.
  13. 5S8Zh5

    BLF/TLF FW3A - now available

    Dr. Peter Attia #97 – Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D.: COVID-19: transmissibility, vaccines, risk reduction, and treatment 3-14-20 Recent paper reported fomite survival on different surfaces: aerosols, up to 3 hours post aerosolization up to 4 hours on copper up to 24 hours on cardboard up to 2-3...
  14. 5S8Zh5

    FW3A light

    It's a perfect EDC light. These reliability issues could be with tailcap / switch falling apart and reassembling. Don't mess with the tailcap. Mine doesn't light up in my pocket. I have it set at I would say just below 100 lumens (estimated). Sort of like my M61LLL 219B V3 in the G2 Nitrolon...
  15. 5S8Zh5

    FW3A light

    Three FW3As ( 6500K (EDC), 5000K, and 4000K) with no problems. I read up a bit before I got my first (Aluminum 4000K), and learned about the tail switch coming apart upon unscrewing from a video. So my tailcaps are virgin lol. I've been EDC'ng an FW3A since November 2019, so mine are gtg.
  16. 5S8Zh5

    "Bathroom-trip in the night" flashlight recommendation?

    Switch is surprisingly easy to manipulate - right or left handed.
  17. 5S8Zh5

    Emisar d4v2 xpl-hi vs sst-20 5000k

    Exogenous ketones. A tablespoon of MCT oil is what I take every morning. Cooking with coconut oil helps also.
  18. 5S8Zh5

    Heads up -- 9V Pak-Lite now has a warm white option...

    Nice switch. L low, R med.
  19. 5S8Zh5

    2AA light

    darksucks Quark QK2A MKIII. Great walking beam. Two Eneloops: 4000 mAh. Quality light with a nice switch.
  20. 5S8Zh5

    Heads up -- 9V Pak-Lite now has a warm white option...

    And when the weeks are up and your AAs are dead, those 9V may look mighty tempting. And they'll be everywhere. With spares in drawers in almost every house.

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