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  1. Marduke

    Any possibility of a new light with XRE and above R2 bin?

    There is this little thing called "variability" in flux binning. On top of not knowing from where in the bin a particular sample is taken, Cree guarantees bins +/- 7%, and only bins on flux, not Vf. So let's take that layer of complication out of the picture, and compare only Vf vs Current...
  2. Marduke

    Any possibility of a new light with XRE and above R2 bin?

    The data is entirely from Cree technical data sheets, and is 100% correct, and completely corresponds to independent testing by jtr1962. All I-V curves used are for the dice used to produce the white LED's, so they are completely comparable. It is by no means "some random graph". If you don't...
  3. Marduke

    Can I use this on my Rechargable MagLite?

    No, you cannot use standard modules with the MagCharger. You basically have two LED choices: or
  4. Marduke

    quark mini AA & CR123 users thread

    It's 2600Hz, WAY beyond human perception.
  5. Marduke

    quark mini AA & CR123 users thread

    No, IMR is a 3.7v chemistry, and yes, the Mini's can use Li-Ion's.
  6. Marduke

    Lights, batteries and strong magnetic fields

    It's the chromium content that makes it "stainless", not the nickel. There are several classes of stainless steels. Some of them are magnetic, some of them not so much. Austenitic stainless steels don't tend to be very magnetic, where ferritic and martensitic stainless steels usually are.
  7. Marduke

    My post about Fenix problems

    Given the OP's apparent lack of understanding of the simple "fixes" suggested previously, or even the basic mechanics of how the lights are put together and function, I have a hard time believing that *ANY* of the troubleshooting methods were correctly conducted, or that there is even any real...
  8. Marduke

    woried about charging.

    Not anywhere on their website do they mention that. 4xRCR123's is way above the max voltage spec of 12v.
  9. Marduke

    All new flashlights seem to be using Crees instead of SSC, What’s UP?

    Don't have to purchase entire temp ranges. You can purchase specific color bins, like with any manufacturer. On average, SSC-P4's do tend to be cooler though.
  10. Marduke

    Dead TK12

    Also try new batteries. I have forceably throw the T1 into a concrete floor hard enough to chip the concrete, send the light bouncing 3 feet into the air, and dent the positive and negatives ends of the battery enough that it couldn't make contact. Light still worked fine however...
  11. Marduke

    Upcoming Fenix Headlamp HP-15

    If you need a light source that leaves your hands free, chances are you are doing a task within arm's reach, in which throw is utterly useless. Same as for handhelds, as the saying goes 'throw is for show".
  12. Marduke

    Next generation of chargers

    Or that you are totally missing the point....
  13. Marduke

    Next generation of chargers

    Because government transport regulations are not hosted on that site...
  14. Marduke

    Looking for Photon LED light replacement

    How old is the one you have? The current version is much brighter than previous versions. There is also the REX.
  15. Marduke

    Next generation of chargers

    Please spend more than 2 second searching... Try here.
  16. Marduke

    Next generation of chargers

    Those consumer electronics were designed from the ground up as a complete SYSTEM, with multiple failsafes taken into consideration, and they still routinely have incidents all around the world. Flashlights, your cells, and charger are NOT designed as a system, and do NOT have the same failsafes...
  17. Marduke

    [RANT] Give the Man a FRESH Fish or a *STALE* Fish?

    You left out an obvious choice. Reply with loaded questions. This gives the OP just enough information to go out and learn the information ON HIS OWN without being spoon fed. If they are capable of learning it on their own and just needed a "leg up", they will learn the information better...
  18. Marduke

    Upcoming Fenix Headlamp HP-15

    Now let's see if they figure out that headlamps shouldn't be overly throwy.
  19. Marduke

    quark mini AA & CR123 users thread

    The protection circuit is there to protect you (the user), not the battery. If you routinely let the protection circuit kick in and shut off the cell for you, you WILL permanently damage the cell. You should recharge BEFORE you engage the protection circuit. The same should really go for...