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    Centralized light source

    "Azeed....light!" :cool: Also used with great success in Ridley Scott's "Legend'.
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    Innovation in headlights

    From a consumer perspective - yes. From a Tier 1 manufacturer perspective - no. Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc., want your body shop to buy replacement parts directly from them at their profit margins. The less proprietary these parts are and less generic the more money they make, *unless*...
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    Building LED panel to grow leafy veggies what and were to start help needed

    True, but we're using lumens as a reference for relative light performance. The next 'discussion' is if the spectral slope of your typical white LED is more efficient for plant growth because it's broader in the active growth regions -vs- coincidental spikes of fluorescent and HID. However...
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    Help! (scientific experiment) Cheapest/easiest way of 150 watts per square foot

    I need to edit what I said about the cost of the XM-Ls. I'm seeing the prices drop a lot in the past couple of months, and with T5 neutrals going for $6.50 retail they are no longer expensive (relative to other premium LEDs).
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    MAX real current for CREE LED emitters?

    Yup. Longevity is also a key part of the equation and what your expectations are. I just finished a test running some XP-Gs at 1.4 amps for 2500 hours at around 45C and they were visibly dimmer than the control emitters. Not a huge amount, but there is some visible loss of brightness. Had I...
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    Space jump

    Radio communications are tougher than you think when you're dealing with moving the data linking around and don't have massive cell towers nearby. You're also breathing inside a pressured, wind blasted helmet falling at 700mph and at one point spinning out of control at fairly high G's, so...
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    Building LED panel to grow leafy veggies what and were to start help needed

    I assume by standard fluorescent tube you are referring to common T8's. T5's and T8's throw about the same lumens per watt except T5's being skinnier the are able to throw more light out of the fixture. A standard 4x48" fixture would have to be parked lower over the plants to get the same...
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    Help! (scientific experiment) Cheapest/easiest way of 150 watts per square foot

    Not sure why we're talking in terms of wattage per foot when XM-Ls are likely throwing double if not more lumens per watt than chinese strip LEDs. What is lumen requirement here? Rebels are easily available in 5000k 80-85 CRI bins. Cree's should be, but the bins seem trickier to find in higher...
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    Secret Aircraft

    This is what happens when you gave Kelly Johnson a slide rule, a really big black budget, and 60's technology :grin2:. Easily the most sinister thing that's every flew. I remember listening to the news in the 70's as a kid and network anchors reporting sonic booms all along the east coast as...
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    Which adult cartoons are the best, and which are the worst?

    A lot of Akira purists hated the latest incarnation with different dubbing and some dialogue changes, but I actually preferred it over the original. A lot less murky in places. Live action version has been shelved once again via the rumour mill. Not sure what the status of Neuromancer is either...
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    Building LED panel to grow leafy veggies what and were to start help needed

    You can get a 4x48" T5 HO fixture for about $100 now, if not a bit less if you shop around (standard T5's in a 2x arrangement don't seem like enough PAR in my opnion). Nothing in LED land is going to provide anywhere near the growth levels for the price of a T5 HO shop light. You can also swap...
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    Philips Fortimo line - comparison shots -vs- fluorescent

    A few weeks ago Stephen Lebans sent me some links regarding Philips Fortimo LED line as we brain-stormed products and potential DIY options for green house applications. The LED products "specified" for this application are so thick with marketing and hype you practically need a shovel to cut...
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    Which adult cartoons are the best, and which are the worst?

    I give Seth McFarlane kudos or having a near inifinte well of writing talent and schtick, but it's obvious his political views increasingly taint the show. Plus, even hard core Family guy fans agree that Bryan and Stewie are the only reasons for watching the show. 'Oblongs' were another gem on...
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    Lance Armstrong done______

    Re: Lance Armstrong done contesting drug allegations HeHe.......various riders can be sponsored by the drug company of their choice.
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    Why are LEDs getting tinier?

    As per above, cheaper manufacturing. With dedicated, high performance fixtures increasingly using multiple emitters driven at low currents, and other big chunks of the market segment moving towards remote phosphors nobody needs a 3amp handling.
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    What happened to Myspace, and why did facebook become so popular instead?

    MySpace de-volved into the worst apsects of a 1980's Cyberpunk novel choked full of splashy and annoying advertising, cyber stalkers, and the nervous feeling that everytime you logged on some criminal from Hungary was hacking your computer. It wasn't helped by the fact that MySpace was initially...
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    Cree announces color LEDs in XB-D and XM-L family

    Hmmmm.....XB-D specs look nearly identical to the XT-E, except the XT-E wasn't available in colors other than royal.
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    Fixed Indoor lighting with Cree XM-L LED's

    Are we talking about the driver, or LED assembly? For the driver side, I have no idea why somebody would want to build a mains powered driver DIY when you can buy certified drivers for cheap that have every possible imagineable cert stamped on the side. If you're buying unbranded Chinese...
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    new member looking for education and advice on leds.

    OP has a couple choice in my opinion. Upgrade fixtures to 400 metal halide if white light sources are desired. Or, switch to high pressure sodium in the same 250watt range, and while the color is a yucky yellow at least you hit your lumen goal. While a lot of people don't like the color of HPS...
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    Time to move to LED?

    Total FUD. I've lost count at the number of commercial restaurants I've been too lately that are using LED in warm-white scenarios. Even fast food chains are using them in the lobbies, and the result are hardly inferiour to halogen. The 2700-3000K Cree fixtures are pretty much indistinguishable...