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    Rechargable Flashlight for Rural Yard Use?

    Looking for suggestions for an LED flashlight using single 18650 battery for use in our wooded yard to put the dogs out and check on wildlife. We have a Strion LED which is a good size but I have quite a few 18650 batteries for a ZebraLight headlamp that I would like to put to additional use...
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    Painting Anodized Streamlight Body?

    Can the anodized bodies be painted? Black is too easy to lose track of. Anything special to know about it?
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    Charger Suggestions for 18650 Batteries

    Looking for charger recommendations for both protected and unprotected 18650 batteries. I prefer a charger that is safe and pretty much automatic including shut down. I have an old PIVA IBC but can't find the manual and not sure how long they last nor the specifics anymore.