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  1. J

    Quark "undocumented" UI behaviour

    I have a Quark AA R5 "regular" that exhibits a very interesting, undocumented but useful aspect to the user interface. I am using an AW 14500 battery in it. If I have the torch set with the head just a fraction loose (ie turned about ten degrees away from tight) and select the fourth...
  2. J

    Quark tactical tailcap on regular AA2

    I couldn't find a thread devoted to this so I thought I'd write up what I did on a new thread. I have a lovely Quark AA2 regular R2. I have a bit of difficulty getting my thumb into the recess of the tailcap to swtich the thing on so I thought I'd buy a tactical tailcap to try as it has a much...
  3. J

    4sevens delivery and my new Quark AA2 - Updated with pigeon test

    As can be seen in my little profile thing at the corner of my posts, I live in Australia. Australia is a fair distance from America which is why I was rather shocked to find this morning, at the post office, a parcel from 4sevens containing my new Quark AA2 that I ordered at 2 AM Aussie time on...