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    How Long Can I Safely Store Eagtac 18350 Batteries Without Using Them?

    I bought some extra Eagtac 18350 batteries. Should I use all of them by rotating them every so often? Or, can I store some of them without charging them until I need them?
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    What Level Can The Eagtac DX3B Clicky MKII Be Ran At Safely?

    I recently bought an Eagtac DX3B Clicky MKII. I also have extra Eagtac 18350 batteries for it. If I want to run the light continuously, what level can it safely be selected? I will use it as a cap light and want to run is continuously, but I don't want to damage it, if running it too long on a...
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    What Single 21700 Throwers Are Worth Considering?

    I am looking for a thrower that uses a single 21700. What are some of my better choices right now?
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    Flashing Red Light For Horseback Riding At Night

    I like to go horseback riding at night. Most of the time it is on the equestrian trails in the county park near me. It is crossing the state highway and riding on the gravel road near my farm that concerns me. I have been using an LED vest, but I am finding that they don't last very long. I use...
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    Selecting Cordless Electric Power Tools

    I bought a Ryobi 54" 115 AH zero turn electric riding lawn mower this spring. It has worked well for me. I am now looking around at replacing some other equipment. My gasoline snow blower is having issues and rather than spend money on it, I am considering an electric snow blower. Toro has a 26...
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    Is Illumination Gear The Only Retailer That Sells The EagTac 18350 1300 mAh EagTac IMR LiMn Rechargeable Battery?

    As posted above, is Illumination Gear the only retailer that sells the EagTac 18350 1300 mAh IMR LiMn rechargeable battery? Is there a suitable replacement from another manufacturer?
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    Streamlight Stinger Switch Replacement

    Yes, it is a pretty old, original Stinger that I converted to LED years ago. It looks terrible, but is a functional light. I did call Streichers out in Plymouth MN. They wouldn't commit, on the telephone, whether they repair would be free. I may head over there some day after work or some rainy...
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    Streamlight Stinger Switch Replacement

    I have a well used Streamlight Stinger that is my "everyday driver". The switch needs to be replaced. Does anybody here happen to know if Batteries Plus still does free switch replacements on these?
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    Lighted LED Whips

    My wife and I are ATV operators. I have been noticing that those operators that use lighted LED whips are easier to see in the dust. Does anybody here have any experience with lighted LED whips.
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    StreamLight Wedge!

    StreamLight Wedge
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    Eagtac DX3B MKII

    The average speed for a horse to walk at is around four miles per hour. Fog does happen, but I have ridden at night, in the past, where it is typically patchy ground for. If my cap falls off, I will stop and pick it up, of course. I do have a Nightcore headlamp. It is mounted to my equestrian...
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    Eagtac DX3B MKII

    I plan to use it clipped to my cap while I am horseback riding at night. However, I have no idea what beam pattern I want for that.
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    Eagtac DX3B MKII

    I am starting to get interested in the Eagtac DX3B MKII. I did a search here hoping to find a review, but I didn't find one. Does anybody here have one and, if so, how do you like it?
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    What Batteries Should I Consider For Travel Toothbrushes?

    Thank you for the replies. I just realized that I have four Eneloops now that typically are used in some headphones. I can easily charge them and use them in the toothbrushes because, if we are traveling, the headphones would just be home not being used anyway.
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    What Batteries Should I Consider For Travel Toothbrushes?

    My wife and I both have electric travel toothbrushes that use AA batteries. What rechargeable batteries should I consider to use in those?
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    LED Light For Vehicle Inspection

    Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 And Two 14500 Batteries I want to get one of the LUMINTOP TOOL AA 2.0 and TWO of the 14500 batteries. Can anybody recommend a good place to buy from at a good price and reasonable shipping? The problem I am running into is every place I look either has it for sale without...
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    Nylon Streamlight Stinger Holsters

    I am looking around for a suitable open-top holster for my old beater Streamlight Stinger. I know that there are some genuine Streamlight open-top nylon holsters and some others, too, like the Nite-Ize holster. Does anybody here have any experience with any of those or any other nylon open-top...
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    Acebeam TK16 Holster

    Does/did the original Acebeam TK16 come with a cordura nylon holsters? If not, where is a good place to buy a holster for the Acebeam TK16? I checked the Acebeam website and did not see any listed on there.
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    LED Light For Vehicle Inspection

    The Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 does look like a great choice, since I won't need a COB light. Now to figure out who has a great price on one of these with the magnetic tail cap and a 14500 battery! Thanks for the tip.
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    LED Light For Vehicle Inspection

    I just remembered to check Battery Junction and there are a lot more penlights than I expected!