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    Changing my door handle puddle LED

    Few months ago, I've had all the same problems with my door handle, but which was installed in the front door of the house. It's happened when I was in our second home town, in Canada. I've simply looked for couple of emergency services online, and could discover this locksmith service ( link...
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    Small solar panel for charging 18650's+ question?

    Scotty321, for the first time I would try something like 12V 30A dual battery charging 100w solar flex bundle, or couple of such solar kits. My neighbor has such panels, and it works perfectly for his needs, including basic appliances, as he says. You can take a look at this Renogy web resource...
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    Games to play with Seniors with facetime

    Poppy, wow, that's pretty interesting "game" you've found. We have no such things in Canada, at least I didn't see nothing like that. When I have a little bit of time, I prefer to spend it on something minor, like indie games. And fortunately, I know a lot of video game cases from iLogos, from...
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    New chainsaw...I had to share

    I do prefer to use BLACK+DECKER 12-Inch chainsaw for the last few months. It works perfectly with a timber we have in our area. I've got it after reading comparison article in here ( link: ). It has nice reviews on jigsaws as well, and some other stuff for your garage...
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    In 2000 one of the first commercially multiple 5mm LED flshlights covered in rubber

    Mikemartinez2012, I also had Lightwave 4000 for long 5 years of use, but then it's got accidently damaged, too bad. Talking of which, recently, few weeks ago, I could discover this awesome resource - with pretty nice flashlights. What can you say, about model Streamlight 88065 Pro...
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    What colour temperature is subjectively closest to "pure white"?

    That's true, 3500K is the most optimal and neutral brightness level. Temperature adjustments is a great and useful thing in such situations, when you're using your thermal binoculars as well. I've recently purchased model AGM Explorator TB75-384, from here ( resource...
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    Cordless power tools

    Wow, nice set of tools! I do prefer wood working, that's why my preferences is all about saws, and routers which can help with some processing of wood materials. For now I want to get model Bosch PR20EVS, from here ( url: ). I found...
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    New to CPF guy

    Hello and welcome
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    Hammock Camping!

    What an astonishing sightseeing!