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    Need a liw powered headlamp

    My vision is failing and I need low powered headlamp using AA type type cells for close up work. Bill
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    Merry Christmas too all and your owm

    Gotta say that I got the Christmas Spirit, finally. Merry christmas to you guys and gals that have keep CPF alive. Can't say more than that. Bill
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    Sold/Expired WTB recently discontinued Pulsar Diver

    WTB a recently discontinued Pulsar Diver with screw down crown. Had one I bought new about 3 years ago that was stolen. It had a quartz movement. Mine was a Pepsi model. Bill
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    Sold/Expired FOUND WTB Surefire z2 or 6z

    Looking for a well used Surefire 6z or z2. I would take a 6z or z2 body only if available. Bill
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    Sold/Expired WTB SF MN01 lamp assembly FOUND

    WTB one or two MN01's, not used too much. Please PM me. Billb
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    Sold/Expired WTB David Boye DBS folder, with eagle feather if possible

    Mine "disappeared", an obviously inside job. Please PM me. Thanks. Bill
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    Is anyone spinning their Spin Tops?

    Recently I purchased a Vorso MK1 brass from Massdrop, my first finger spin top. Am interested in hearing from spin top owners how they are spinning their tops, which surfaces are best, length of their spins, etc. Bill
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    Sold/Expired WTB-- Surefure G series tailcap

    Lost my yellow G2 tailcap years ago. Can be any color, not picky. Mine has the Nitralon head. Please PM me. Thanks, Bill
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    Sold/Expired WTB Spyderco plain edge Native, spear point, CPM S30V knife

    Yes, I want to buy an original Spyderco Native knife,, Golden Colorado, plain edge, CPM S30V steel. I lost mine recently, and missed out on one for sale on eBay. Please PM me. Bill
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    Nitecore heads fitting SF E series bodies

    Besides the older Nitecore Extreme Infinity E3 R2, what other Nitecore heads fit E Series bodies? Bill
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    MJ Extreme III stuck in SOS mode

    I have been looking for UI instructions for my Extreme III, same as Liteflux LF2X. My Extreme III is stuck in SOS mode, and can not find UI instructions. Have googled CPF, and googled google (LOL), to no avail. It's out there some where but can't find it.
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    Starting a dedicated thread for the Titan Plus. Bill
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    Baby Justice

    I started a thread regarding Baby Justice who with her mother were kidnapped on Monday the 23rd. The post was lost, and I can not redo it today. It is all over the news. The outcome was, after extensive searching, that the mother was found Tuesday calling for help. She had extensive injuries...
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    I've been busy, and checked forum threads, but did not notice a Thansksgiving thread, so here goes. Sometimes it is hard to be thankful when stuff happens, and Patty and I have had so much of that. However, Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday, and for me it is a blessed day. It is a day...
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    HDS Systems EDC # 17

    HDS Systems EDC needs a fresh re-start, and this is it, #17. Bill
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    Novatac 120M crackable?

    I have a Novatac 120M. It has only two light levels starting on high, then a double click to low. No triple click to get to low low. With either high or low on, a press produces strobe. Is the 120M crackable using the 250 clicks, so I can program it for brightness levels and three light...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Stonewashed Ti Delghi Iris

    I need to let go of one of my favorite flashlights, a stonewashed Titanium Delghi Iris. Mine has the warm XP-G LED for a beautiful beam. I do not post pics, but will back up my sales. My Iris has no blemishes that I can see,, and looks looks as good or better than the stonewashed Titaniuum...
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    Sold/Expired WTB KuKu427 LF2XT switch

    Does not have to be Titanium or have a Tritium veil. Just want an electronic switch for my LF2XT, Bill
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    Sold/Expired WTB AW Surefire M6 Three mode soft start tailcap switch

    As thread title speaks. Do not need the M6 tailcap, unless price with AW setup and tailcap is reasonably priced. Please PM. Thanks, Bill
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    HDS Systems Lights Questions

    Merging these posts with the ongoing HDS thread in the LED Flashlight forum. Bill