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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    0h What a great thread and I am so glad to be back!!!!!!! hope everyone is well and look forward to speaking with everyone.
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    Sold/Expired WTS: HDS, SureFire Ultra, Lupine Wilma

    Re: WTS: HDS High Noon, SureFire Ultra I will take the surefire Ultra
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    14500/AA EDC flashlight with fire-fly/moon-light to 400+ lumens, forward clicky, clip

    Have you looked at the Surefire Titan Plus, it checks most if not all of your boxes, no light will be perfect but for $89 and it comes with a rechargeable AAA cell, bright and white, three levels. I was not impressed with the original Titan but the Plus is now my daily carry.
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    Small Portable Radio's?

    I may have already posted this but if I did it was ten years ago, if you can spend $500 for a flashlight you can spend $500 for a lifeline to the world. It is small, will run on AA batteries or 12v DC, Is handheld and completely self contained. You get AM, FM, Shortwave, all modes, all bands and...
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    Sold/Expired B@rt's Tritium thread

    All your Tritium are belong to us!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good news this year ?

    Where to begin? Well, I'm still alive, since the range was shut down for so long I began playing with my flashlights again. Boy, have things changed! I have bought dozens of new lights, amazing lights. I remember playing with and helping to build some of the first LED lights. Bunch of grand...
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    Dude, you still alive?

    Dude, you still alive?
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    Sold/Expired HDS EDC Ultimate 60- ****SOLD****

    Re: HDS EDC Ultimate 60 PM Sent
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    Miss you too Frenchy!!!!! Nice to see you, Happy New Year!
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    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    Alive and well!
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    Is there a light you won't sell?

    My "Larry Light" given to me right off his key chain, been on mine ever since, use it daily. Thanks Larry!!!!!!
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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    Just checking in to make sure I'm still on the list, I don't buy many lights anymore but this one I want.
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    Am I crazy to sell these Surefire museum pieces?

    This seems to have run it's course and no longer serves any constructive purpose.
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    Original HDS EDC = Coolest Ever

    Re: Original HDS = Coolest Ever I still have and use my two original U85's, nicest lights ever!
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    I spent $30,000 in my first 6 Months

    Nice collection! Know what I call $30,000.00 spent on lights? A great start!!!!!!!! :)
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I'm not old!
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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    I have been watching and will be wanting one as well.
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    The SureFire P2X-B "Fury" 500lu flashlight thread

    Wow did I loose the tint lottery, anybody need a green 500 lumen light?