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    $urefire 2x26650 Rechargeable M6 by Fivemega (2)

    Brother Methias 61$ PayPal sent for # 22
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    Haiku vs Lunasol??

    As a newby here who bought both I'll say I prefer the lunasol.. the plunger seems more refined than the clicky and is easier to use, the dual mode is super sweet, and the size/ aesthetics are a step better (to me..) The Haiku on high is noticeably brighter than the lunasol 20 though..
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    Fall "standing wave" of Haikus

    Received my BB Haiku and have to say, the contrasting matte and polished Ti looks even better in person. Glad I went that route, mates with my LS20 quite well. Thanks!!!
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    Fall "standing wave" of Haikus

    Looking forward to a BB Haiku.. please don't make any new lights I can't afford it.