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    Driving Nichia NCSU276A based blitz

    Thanks Dave. Obviously, there's no simple answer when combining a raw battery with just a resistor. I've ordered the parts to try instead to make a simple LM317-based constant current regulator :) Thanks for taking the time to give me such detailed reply.
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    Looking for superflux UV LEDs in EU

    Hi all For a specific project, I'm looking for a European supplier of superflux LEDs, 375-400-ish nm. Best would be 5mm lens type and narrow view angle (30-60 degrees) for max focus. Anyone know of such a supplier? I hope this sub is the right place to ask.
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    Driving Nichia NCSU276A based blitz

    Hi experts I'm making a tracer for my airsoft gun. For this project, I'm using 2 x NCSU276A 365nm LEDs in series with a resistor. The setup is powered by a beefy 3S lipo battery and controlled with a low side MOSFET - So with a freshly charged lipo, that means a supply voltage of 12.6V. My...
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    Recommend me a drop in module, special purpose, see inside

    Hi guys I’m new on the forum (although I’ve known of its existence for a long time). In the past, I’ve been occasionally lurking and appreciating particularly the custom jobs shown in here :) With this in mind, I decided to ask you guys for advice when looking for a drop in module for a bit...